Batman Day – Best Collectibles

DC Comics has dubbed today Batman Day. The Dark Knight has been fighting crime and serving justice for his 75th year since the 1939 debut of Detective Comics #27. Batman has been a big part of our lives, and was responsible for making us into the comic book fanatics we are today, whether it be through comic books and toys or television and movies. To show our appreciation for the man, the myth and the legend, we have compiled a plethora of Bat-themed lists. We hope that we can inspire you to read more about Batman and his legacy, or even give us some feedback if you agree or disagree with the lists. Sound off below! And click on the picture below to take you to all of our Batman Day articles.





Top 20 Collectibles

Not only does Batman have the best gadgets, but he also is the driving force behind the best collection of action figures, statues and replicas out. Whether it’s an affordable item that you add to your display case or just something to ogle at because nobody in their right mind would spend money on it, there are some great collectibles out there. There was absolutely no way to complete this list without missing a fair share of great items, so here are 20 of what I consider the coolest collectibles to add to your collection. Are there any toys, replicas or eye that I’m missing? Let me know in the comments below.


20.) The Dark Knight Rises Bane vs. Batman Statue

TDKR Bane vs Batman Statue


19.) Tim Burton’s Batman Mime Joker

Tim Burton Mime Joker

18.) New52 Box Set of Court of Owls and Death of the Family

New52 Court of Owls Masks Set


17.) Sideshow Collectibles Harley Quinn statue

Sideshow Collectibles Harley


16.) Batman Hush Action Figure – DC Artist Signature Series

Batman Hush Signature Series


15.) Life-size Batman Statue

Life-size Batman Statue


14.) The Dark Knight Rises Cowl BD Set

TDKR Blu Ray set


13.) Lifesize Bat-Signal

Full scale Bat signal


12.) Capullo Designer Series Figures



11.) Harley Quinn-Joker Mad Love Two-Pack

Alex ross Mad Love


10.) Eagle Moss Batman Chess Set

Batman Chess Set


9.) Green Lantern Batman

Batman Green Lantern figure


8.) Arkham City Riddler Trophy

Riddler Trophy


7.) Kotobukiya ART FX+ Statue

Batman ARTFX statue


6.) Batman vs. Killer Croc Statue

Batman vs Killer Croc


5.) Nightwing Arsenal Set from Arkham City

Nightwing Arsenal


4.) Batman vs. Superman: The Dark Knight Returns statue

Batman vs Superman TDKR Statue


3.) Batman: A Call to Arms from The Dark Knight Returns

Batman riding horse Statue


2.) Batman and Catwoman: Kissing the Knight Statue

Batman Kissing the Knight Statue


1.) Batman: Black and White Statues


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