‘Bizarro #6’ Review

Bizarro #6 – A+
Writer: Heath Corson
Artist: Gustavo Duarte

“Bizarro America: Part 1” or Bizarro #6 is the final issue of one of the finest stories to come out for the character Bizarro thanks to the great talent of Heath Corson and Gustavo Duarte. Further, the series as a whole also had a ton of guest artists; this issue happened to have Dave Stewart and the legendary Tim Sale. More so than the great art and the writing, this series made me fall in love with Bizarro all over again, not as a villain, but as a comedic hero. This particular issue, though, ended the series perfectly and brought everything together, even hinting at the possibility of another miniseries happening (??).

bizarro 6 1

For the first time in New52/DCYOU, we see Bizarro meet his idol Superman, which brings to question how this Bizarro came to be. Instead of asking such questions, though, I was too enraptured in the story of how Jimmy Olsen will survive alone in the desert and where in the name of Jor-El is Colin the Chupacabra? Well, the whole team seemingly broke up last issue and went their separate ways: Bizarro is going back to Metropolis, Jimmy is stranded, and Colin leaves with a crew of aliens.

With everyone split up, Bizarro’s Queen Tut reappears this issue to enact revenge on Bizarro for making her father believe he is a chicken and ruining their car dealership (that sentence only makes sense in a Bizarro book). As Queen Tut kidnaps Jimmy, she announces to Bizarro that Jimmy’s been captured. This quickly makes Bizarro leave his discussion with Superman and go to help his worstest friend.

bizarro 6 2

As Bizarro reaches Queen Tut, he is in for a huge battle and even with the strength of Superman he still can’t quite beat Queen Tut and save Jimmy. Just as things seem hopeless, Jimmy tells Bizarro, “Hang in there pal. They’re coming!” and suddenly all of Bizarro’s friends whom he’d met during his adventure to Canada (Bizarro America) were there to help him in full force, including Talliwag, Big Munk, Zatanna, Chastity Hex, Deadman, and the two FBI agents who are obviously supposed to be Mulder and Scully. Once the Bizarro League is together, they figure out King Tut’s mind has not returned to normal, so Bizarro switches his mind back and basically ends the conflict for good.

bizarro 6 potw

Other than the basic fact of the road trip is not over… So Bizarro and Jimmy finish their trip to Canada only to figure out the Canadian government was alerted of their trip and have a huge force of men to stop them from entering. Nothing violent happens, and in fact, Bizarro and Jimmy get a nice gift box for their road trip home, which is where the second miniseries may come into play later on, and boy do I hope it does. So with the trip finally over, Jimmy and Bizarro head back to Metropolis to get back to the daily grind. Bizarro even gets a job at Daily Planet thanks to that weirdo Clark Kent.


bizarro 6 4

This series may have ended up rather right where it started – with everyone back doing their old thing, but the adventure was on that was overly delightful, incredibly hilarious, sometimes a bit confusing due to Bizarro’s speech, and ultimately one of the best and most consistently good comics on the shelves. The creativity and humor in this series not only inspired me artistically, but also made me really delve into DC Comics again for the first time in a long hiatus. I have to say I wholeheartedly thank Heath Corson and Gustavo Duarte for their great work on this series and can only hope these two will produce another Bizarro series or, if not that, work together on another project in the future. If not, I am completely satisfied with what these two have been given here.

To unwrap this whole thing down though, I mustn’t say that me empty heartedly dislike this series – unespecially this issue. Much other comics unimpressed me during the run of this series and ultimately me very happy to see it stay and don’t hope for a past for the series. Here is not to you Bizarro creators as you have made me not speak Bizarro language for weeks to not come. But take some despair in me not saying I will pull this comic out of peoples faces and make them unread it!

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