Denver Comic Con 2016 – DC Comics Rebirth

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Panel Name: DC Comics: Rebirth

Topic: Panelist Q&A session with some of DC’s most prolific artists in the Rebirth line, led by DC Comics’ Senior VP, Dan DiDio

Featured Guests: Dan DiDio, Chad Hardin (Harley Quinn), John Romita Jr. (All-Star Batman), Brett Booth (Titans), Yanick Paquette (Nightwing: Rebirth)

Dan Didio brought together several faces from the visual side of DC Comics to discuss Rebirth, the latest initiative from the company which began arriving in stores this month. A line-wide focus on getting back to what makes the characters tick (and great storytelling), Rebirth has already seen major changes in the status quo. Fifteen DC comic books will have a monthly release schedule, while seventeen books will be available twice a month. Many books are getting a Rebirth one-shot as well as a new #1 issue, while Action Comics and Detective Comics have returned to legacy numbering (which seems like a great idea as those books approach issue #1,000).

DC Rebirth at Denver Comic Con 2016

John Romita Jr spoke about his wildly different experiences based on how the writers have approached a story. Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello gave him 6 pages of plot which would become 57 pages of story, while Scott Snyder basically provided a tome to set the stage for their new book All-Star Batman. He described this as an insane “road trip” for Batman where all of his villains bear down on him.

Chad Hardin has the privilege of continuing on a title (Harley Quinn) as Rebirth occurs, and he spoke of how much fun it is to work from the mad scripts provided by Amanda Conner and Jimmy Palmiotti. Often times he feels certain that some of the gags will get pulled back during legal review, but he always takes the jokes provided to him in the dialogue and attempts to take them even further visually, to great effect.

Yanick Paquette fans were very happy to hear that not only will he be working on various upcoming covers (such as Batgirl and the Birds of Prey), but he will also be going back to the drawing board to begin work on Wonder Woman: Earth OneVolumes 2 and 3—soon. Guiding Nightwing into Rebirth, Paquette informed everyone that not only is Dick Grayson back in the Nightwing costume, but he is back in blue (as opposed to the red accents featured in New 52).

Brett Booth explained how his assignment working on Titans is a dream come true. He had been “pestering” Dan about bringing back Wally West every two months or so since 2011, so Dan knew that Booth was just man for the job when Titans like Wally, Donna Troy, Dick Grayson, and others were coming back into the fold in an ongoing series.

Dan also shared that Rebirth is not a “one and done” approach, but it is an ongoing initiative. And while the focus right now is on the core characters and making sure they resonate, DC will then reach out to focus on other characters over time. While certain characters like Conner Kent are given a break, other characters like Jonathan (Kent) White will be built up in books like Super-Sons, which will feature him paired with Damian Wayne.

Follow Rebirth titles all through August and beyond as DC Comics continues to rebuild its catalog.

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