Hush Comics’ Cypher Featuring Righteous Reasons – Deadpool

Hush Comics writer and social justice proponent Evan Lowe is a great guy. He got his start for us writing “Diggin’ Through the Crates,” where he married Hip-Hop and comic books by elaborating on the parallels between the two. Now, using his stage name Righteous Reasons, Evan has decided to host a cypher with Hush Comics to spit hot fire about other nerdy stuff.

This week’s topic: Deadpool.

Deadpool’s debut is just around the corner, coming to theaters next weekend. If you’re cool like me, then you have a wife that NOT ONLY knows who the Merc With the Mouth is, NOT ONLY loves him as a character and wants to see the movie, but is soooo cool that she hops on a track and kills a rhyme about D-Pooly.

The Ryan Reynolds film isn’t the most romantic movie around, but it’s guaranteed to be the most fun you’ll have all year. Batnipples vs.Superlame is shaping up to be the childhood sodomization we’ve all been waiting for, Civil War is going to be a complete Debbie Downer, and… do we even need to mention X-Men: Apocalypse or TMNT? I mean, Marvel is giving itself blue balls over the word “mutant” and FOX and Paramount can’t even manage one stroke of good faith.

Marvel Comics Deadpool You have failed me brain

No, Deadpool isn’t nearly as highly-budgeted or advertized as the other superhero movies, but it’s marketed ingeniously, and an R-rated film is not only true to the characters, but shows faith that the studio is ready to embrace the violent, potty-mouthed pulp character for who he truly is – and not that disgusting iteration of himself in X-Men Origins. Here’s our little ditty to christen the arrival of Deadpool, coming to theaters February 12th.

Shout out to Run the Jewels! I want to take a second and talk about the group we borrowed this beat from. RTJ is a Hip-Hop duo comprised of Killer Mike and El-P. Hip-Hop heads might remember Killer Mike from his early days in the Dungeon Family with OutKast, and El-P from his rounds as a lauded underground producer. After producing Mike’s R.A.P. Music in 2012, the duo began immediately producing a joint product. Run the Jewels came out in 2013 and RTJ has been killin the indy circuits since, putting out FREE projects Run the Jewels 2, and a remix album of the project, Meow the Jewels, that is produced by various popular beatmakers using kitten sounds. Yes, seriously, and yes, it is hilariously awesome.

meow the jewels

RTJ is also very ingrained in the comic book world, becoming the first Hip-Hop name to be paired with Marvel as a variant cover, and the most notable collaboration since KRS-One did “Break the Chain! 20 years ago. They were featured as a variant cover to Howard the Duck and Deadpool, the latter of which is one of the more coveted variants on the third-hand market. You can also see random shout-outs to the group in other issues of Howard the Duck and The Illuminati. Since then, Marvel has spawned a complete line of Hip-Hop variants for their new #1 titles inspired by classic album covers.


There’s also a Tag the Jewels movement that inspires fans to go out and graffiti street art to show their love for RTJ. Between having one of the most badass logos in the rap game – I mean, even Bernie Sanders thinks that shit is ill, having a myriad of fan appreciation events, performing their asses off on stage, and selling some of the best merch of any group out there, Run the Jewels can afford to give their music away for free. It’s a marketing strategy that needs to have more of a presence among independent artists. Not only am I listening to Run the Jewels, but I am a part of Run the Jewels. To get a free download of RTJ2 and become part of the movement, click here.

Run the Jewels is currently in production of Run the Jewels 3, projected to come out sometime in 2016.

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