Indy Stash June 2016

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Here are our reviews for Indy Stash June 2016!

Agent: Wild

Agent: Wild Indy Stash June 2016
Somewhere between Aeon Flux and Ghost in the Shell lies this sci-fi action comic. With a female protagonist, Tabbita a.k.a. Agent Wild, this book jumps right into the action without much character development. We understand from the first few opening panels that Agent Wild is a member of some organization of secret agents, or spies, or assassins, and she is dealing with some ghosts of her past. No real information is given on her, and suddenly she’s in a shiny suit of armor read to kill aliens. Some of the background is explained later in the book but not within any context to better understand the motivations of the character. There is good action to grab our attention, which is nice. The story ends with an obvious reference to a larger conspiracy yet to come in future issues. For right now, I feel that a better of understanding of the world this story is taking place in and of the people in it need to be established before I can really sink my teeth into this story.

Grade: C

Gritt #1

Gritt Indy Stash June 2016

This is the superhero book for every picked on little boy or girl. Gritt, or Vinny, grew up on the planet Aralios where people who can fly are no big deal. Now he, and the rest of Aralios, finds themselves on Earth. Some of the superpowered beings believe in protecting humanity while others view them as less than. Gritt is one part Superman and one part Spider-man; he understands his power, and he knows what it is like to feel like he has none. So, naturally he fights for the weak and stands up to his own people who would sooner wipe the Earth clean for the people from Aralios. I really liked this book. Gritt is an immediately likeable and relatable character. The highly expressive faces of the characters adds great emotion and feeling to the book. I’m very excited to see the direction Gritt goes in.

Grade: B+

Moros #1

Moros Indy Stash June 2016

Detective Knight is an ex-military, ex-vigilante, current detective for Bay City, a city currently run by the mob and infested with junkies all doing “juice.” Moros reads very much like a classic film noir P.I. story, gritty inner monologue included. It’s also easy to make a direct comparison to Sin City. The art is essentially black and white, aside from noticeable splashes of color, mostly in reds and blues. Detective Knight can no longer sit idly by as he watches his city destroyed from the inside. So now he is using “juice,” which is essentially super steroids or PCP, to be able to go toe-to-toe with the scum of the city. The story is good just not overly original. Detective Knight reminds me a lot of Dwight McCarthy from Sin City. The cops and judges are all crooked and things seem to be going to hell in a handbasket very quickly. I am a sucker for film noir though, and it’s fun watching the good guy take no prisoners. Moros is definitely worth the read.

Grade: B-

Spirit’s Destiny #1

Spirit's Destiny Indy Stash June 2016

This was a good introductory issue for a new series. We got a just a taste of where Destiny comes from, and a good feel of who she is a person. If you can’t relate to the characters you’re reading about or can’t understand them, you shouldn’t be reading that book. Spirit’s Destiny does not have that issue. Being blasted with some mystery ray is always a good way for a person to become a hero. The artwork is strong; the colors can be a little harsh because of a lack of blending. It’s old fashioned in the comic world, and I like that. There will surely be some serious butt-kicking to come from Destiny in future editions.

Grade: B

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