Ash vs Evil Dead “Ashes to Ashes” Review S1E8

Well fellow screwheads, we have come o a point in his series we all knew was coming… We are back at the cabin, baby! This episode was filled with all sorts of nostalgia because the crew for the series created the cabin exactly as it appeared in Evil Dead 2 – even down to the same plates and pots on the shelves. So lets take a trip down memory lane, despite how disturbing those memories are, and cover episode 8 of Ash vs. Evil Dead. Just a fair warning though that this review and recap will have more spoilers than there are on the cars in the entire Fast and the Furious franchise.


This episode kicks off with Ash’s arrival at the cabin, where he finds a number of dead animals including a Deadite bird, which he quickly throws against a tree. As Ash approaches the cabin and sees the grave of his ex, Linda, he hears someone behind him and turns around quickly to find it is Amanda who tracked him to the cabin; she is a detective after all. The two enter the cabin and check things out. Both end up having terrible flashbacks of the past of when they first encountered the evil. They decide they need to open the infamous cellar but need a crowbar to open it, which is out in the shed. As Ash goes out to get the crowbar he finds Linda’s (His Ex) skull still in the shed, so he quickly grabs the crowbar and turns to leave, but the door slams shut and he gets stuck in the shed. As this is happening, we go out to Pablo and Kelly who are lost in the woods trying to find the cabin and have ended up right back at the car.

As they realize this a group of young hikers comes by and before scaring them accidently with their guns, the group decides to lead them to the trail leading to the cabin as they saw it on their way to where they are now. After one of the girls tries to flirt with Pablo, Kelly quickly comes to he defense and although she doesn’t say she is with him, she tells the girl he has a girlfriend and then they leave the group to go on their way. As we go back to the cabin, we see Fisher inside hearing noises and trying to investigate, but all she can seem to find is a rat. All of a sudden, Ash shows up behind her. Ash starts up a very flirty conversation and trying to seduce her to leave the cabin and run away with him, which immediately seems fishy. As the conversation goes on, they end up kissing and Ash rubs her face with his right hand… WAIT A SEC! Fisher freaks out and realizes the hand is the one Ruby had with her and it has grown another Ash!

We go back to the shed where Linda’s head is now alive and speaking to Ash and trying to get him to help her, as deadites tend to do. Ash gets in a little spout with the head before crushing it with a shovel, kicking down the door and heading to the cabin. As Ash was dealing with Linda’s severed head Fisher was dealing with evil Ash and got in a huge fight with him in the kitchen and evil Ash basically beating the crap out of her. As he hold her over the sink, Fisher grabs a cleaver knocks evil Ash back and cuts the evil hand off and chops it into a bunch of pieces.

The evil Ash tries to make her believe he is ok now before quickly smacking her grabbing the cleaver and digging it right into Amanda’s neck. As Amanda tries to escape one last time she goes back into he main room and in here shocked state gets to a position where the evil force pushes her over right onto the dear head impaling her onto the horn. Ash quickly runs in to find her there before she passes, she tells him about the evil Ash before he kisses her and she dies. At this moment, evil Ash runs off right as Pablo and Kelly run in to see the bloody scene and are incredibly confused at what has happened. Ash runs off to find evil Ash and get knocked to the floor by him resulting in them getting in a fight with the episode ending with each Ash strangling the other. 



Nostalgia overload: This episode was filled with about as much nostalgia as an Evil Dead fan could want. Sure the deer head didn’t laugh along with the books, and furniture, but it sill was iconic and played a rather large yet disturbing role in he episode.


Evil Ash: This was speculated to be coming from fans for awhile as it has happened it some way or another in two of he previous three films. It was cool to see the drastic difference and yet incredibly similar acting styles of Bruce Campbell in the role as well. 

Jill Marie Jones: I absolutely fell in love with Jill Marie Jones and her character of Detective Amanda Fisher. It is near insane amounts of sadness that she had to die this episode and I am really hoping to see a spell or something bring her back or at the very least see her as a Deadite. Here’s to hoping Ruby can show up and pull some strings with her Deadite pals; otherwise I will be super bummed not seeing Jill Marie Jones in the series again. 


The meticulous recreation of the cabin: Seeing the behind the scenes after the episode showed that every tiny detail was recreated to the exact specification of Evil Dead 2, including the cleaver used to kill Amanda. If you really felt like, it you can compare and contrast just about every prop in the cabin and find it appeared exactly the same way or at least incredibly similar. I have to hand it to the prop master and all the crew as the sets, especially the cabin and shed, in this episode have been spectacular.

Rebekkah Farrell as Linda’s head: If you have watched every film and the show, you will know the same actor has never played Linda twice. Evil Dead had Betsy Baker, Evil Dead 2 had Denise Bixler, the very short appearance in Army of Darkness was Bridget Fonda and for the show we have Rebekkah Farrell playing Linda’s head. Albeit the difference in actors here is not bad, as Rebekkah Farrell really resembles Denise Bixler and has her mannerisms down very well. On top of looks, she does a fantastic job a being Linda’s possessed head and I have a small feeling we may see more of her. 



The loss of Amanda Fisher: This one hit me hard, a lot more than any death or non-death on The Walking Dead so far this season. It was like we just got to really know and love Fisher. Right as things were picking up, she had to die – as everyone seems to do in this franchise. So honesly, I should have seen this coming, but maybe my liking of Jill Marie Jons and seeing her have to leave the role is ultimately what got me so damned upset.

The three hikers: Really??? I have to wonder what purpose any of these characters will serve other than target practice later on in the next couple episodes. Although all the actors were decent in their roles, I feel even red shirts on Star Trek and Alexandrians on The Walking Dead have a better chance of surviving


Ruby only has two more episodes to make sense: Ok, this is getting to a point where if these next two episodes don’t focus on Ruby heavily, I will end up not even being interested in the character anymore. Despite the awesome double-action of Bruce this episode, with Fisher gone now, the female force I love about this series in dwindling and made this episode rather upsetting. I don’t even know how I would handle losing Kelly and having Ruby turn up to not be as big as I had hoped.

The loss of Ash’s evil hand: Let’s face it, in the scheme of things this is a huge positive; it has plagued Ash for far too long. But with seeing it chopped into pieces it left me wanting more from the teases we got from it this series and felt the loss of the hand as is own character was poor. I was hoping to get a lot more comedy out of it and not just another evil Ash which has happened before with no evil hand to grow him. 



I hate to even say this, but more people are going to die: I have a sneaking suspicion either Pablo or Kelly isn’t going to make it past this season. This will likely stem from one sacrificing oneself for the other and will be a good death over all, but I still do not want to see this happen at all. It is Evil Dead, so my hopes have little to no chance of surviving.

At least 2 of the 3 hikers will become Deadites: This may be obvious if you saw the sneak peek from next week and only saw the girl crushing on Pablo running around, but we all knew this was coming he second Pablo and Kelly saw there were other people around.

Expect a lot more evil Ash in the next two episodes: I am almost certain this evil Ash will be the main villain if not become much larger of a villain. I can see him dying being the end of the series, as well as the group destroying the book and forgetting even a tiny piece of evil Ash is left. Maybe his left hand to have a second evil hand?


 Hush Comics give “Ashes to Ashes” an A- which despite this being the most enjoyable episode yet, came up with some pretty repetitive plots points and introduced us to characters less intriguing than some of the skeleton arms poking Ash’s eyes in Army of Darkness. I am sure the series will end on a high note, but despite smiling ear to ear this whole episode, it also left me really bummed.

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