Ash vs. Evil Dead “Books from Beyond” Review S1E3

Ash vs. Evil Dead is diving a lot more into the history of the Necronomicon and looking like some of Ash’s past is going to come back to haunt him. For those who are weak with their eyes and those whose keyboard fingers become possessed when things are spoiled for them, I would turn away now before you read further and episode will be spoiled by dawn!!! Spoiled by dawn! SPOILED BY DAWN! Ok, but seriously in this episode we learn Ash has no real idea what the Necronomicon is and the power is holds within it, as well as get to witness his complete and utter stupidity while summoning a demon to get answers, A lot of the time Ash comes off as the American demon killing Mr, Bean with the mistakes he makes but I promise, well I can almost guarantee, he will save the world.

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Great Intro with Ruby and we saw the Kandarian Dagger: The intro to the episode started with Ruby fresh on the tail of Ash and The Ghostbeaters as Pablo names them. Not only is Ruby bad ass and ready to take some demon lives, but she has the perfect weapon for doing it, the famous Kandarian Dagger (excuse the mix up with the spelling Candarian on previous posts, that is what you get for trusting the Evil Dead: The Musical soundtrack for facts haha) will be iconic to fans of Evil Dead and Evil Dead II as the dagger that made the Deadites scream horribly and the knife that good ol’ Jake sadly had to be stabbed with by the dumb and scared Annie. Ruby uses this Dagger to interrogate Kelly’s dad, whom died but was not killed enough to not come back as a demon.

The detail of the sets is incredible: This is blatantly painted on our face as soon as Ash enters the Books From Beyond store. The amount of books and detail in the books and small little things people will be finding for ages with tiny Easter Egg items, I am sure.

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The Ghostbeaters!: It’s not the best name, in fact it may be the worst, but Ash finally bucked up and realized Pablo, Kelly, and himself seem to be a team and their survival relies on that the others survive – even to the point that Pablo knocks out a cop for Ash.

Plenty more of Jill Marie Jones as Detective Fisher!: You knew it was coming, but man does this woman kick ass on and off screen! Jill Marie Jones (Girlfriends, Sleepy Hollow) fits into this universe as one of the three bad ass women likely leading Ash to be a better person, although Detective Fisher and Ruby seem to have a giant problem with Ash. Fisher seems a little more open-minded about things with Ash up until the end of this episode where any inhibitions of just taking out Ash are far gone. But in the long run, who the hell cares whether they like Ash or not? There are more great female roles in this franchise now with one of the most chauvinistic characters around so hopefully Kelly, Ruby, and Fisher can keep him in check.

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Kelly and Pablo: Together, these characters are a force within themselves and are both great allies to Ash because of it. In the climax battle Pedro steps up and saves Ash only to have Kelly end the ordeal with a slap of the Necronomicon and quick yell of “GO BACK TO HELL!” Both Pablo and Kelly have their own problems, although much less than Ash, They all become a team more than anything this episode and a lot of that comes from the actions these two did, when all it really was was Ash being dumb.

The Demon they summon is CRAZY!: This demon they summon is nightmare-inducing any way you put it, not even a painting of it hugging puppies while knitting will shake the sheer horror of this thing, but with that being said, it is something entirely new to this franchise. We have dealt with very zombie like demons and a skeleton army before, talking dear heads, chairs and books, but an actual demon, near Hellraiser’s Pinhead level of terror is new.

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The Demon they summon is CRAZY!: To be honest I only put this in here to make it even because as good and scary as this demon was it almost brings in a whole new level of horror, I found no fault with it, but seeing where the show goes with it is the ultimate test; it could lead to losing some of the campiness of the series, but also keep it modern and scary enough for audiences today. So, it could be a positive or a negative either way, really.


There is no Undo Spell: I am thinking there is no spell to end anything and the bookkeeper was lying about anything of that sort to only summon the demon, because people are weird…

This isn’t the end of The Ghostbeaters!: The ghost beaters will live on as a name for a bit, if for nothing else to have Ash make Pablo make bad decisions like this episode, simply by saying “Ghostbeaters.”

In this May 22, 2015, publicity image, actor and producer Bruce Campbell, playing the role of Ash Williams, left, walks with actors Ray Santiago, center, playing the role of Pablo Simon Bolivar, and Dana DeLorenzo, playing the role of Kelly Maxwell, during a scene from "Ash vs Evil Dead" filmed in Auckland, New Zealand. More than 30 years after the low-budget horror movie “The Evil Dead” was released and became a cult classic, Ash is back and premiering on Halloween on cable network Starz. (Matt Klitscher/Starz via AP)

(Matt Klitscher/Starz via AP)

Hush Comics gives “Books From Beyond” a huge scream and nightmares for a week, which in English is an A, for making sure the apocalypse is in somewhat capable hands, but that may just be because one hand is a chainsaw.

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