Ash vs. Evil Dead “Brujo” Review S1E4

This week’s Ash vs. Evil Dead was a little more “groovy” than usual for many reason but one in particular stands out. If you are not groovy enough to have watched the episode yet, turn away, but make sure to not turn your head as much as the Tattooed Girl in Episode 1 did! Anyway, SPOILERS will fill this article more than blood in the walls of the Cabin where this all started so be ready, you have been warned.

Getting back to the grooviness of the situation, this week saw our team of ghostbeaters heading to Pablo’s uncle’s house to try and seek guidance, as he is a witch doctor. Along the way, Kelly gets sick right before an evil and menacing fog starts billowing towards them, so Ash puts the petal to the metal and floors it to meet Brujo, Pablo’s uncle. Once there, the fog can’t get in to the property due to Brujo protecting it, so the team is safe, but Kelly keeps having head pains and has voices in her head, so Brujo tells Pablo to take care of Kelly while he and Ash go and try and figure out how to turn the dwindling flame inside Ash into a full fledged fire. This is where the grooviness really comes in as Brujo has Ash take some hallucinogenic medicine to have a journey within himself and boy does he trip – so much so he ends up in Jacksonville, Florida. While this is happening, Pablo digs out a ton of old video game materials to try and build Ash a new hand, while Kelly is still resting and in pain. As Pablo works, Kelly goes into the back of Ash’s trailer where we learn she is possessed by Eligos, the crazy as all hell demon from last episode. She quickly shocks Pablo using the electronics he is using to make Ash’s new hand, and calls Brujo in to help leaving Ash alone for Eligos to control his mind again. Ash’s mind overpowers Eligos and makes him start choking Kelly to death until Pablo and Brujo run in and Pablo knocks Ash flat on his ass. Kelly hugs Pablo and thanks him, then her eyes turn black, she looks at Ash and smiles.

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The Team up of Fisher and Ruby: If you have been watching, it may be obvious this was going to happen since they are both two badass women on the search for Ash for many of the same reasons. Even if you thought it was inevitable, though, it still is incredibly awesome to see Jill Marie Jones and Lucy Lawless together knowing they are two women who are not to be fucked with and will likely be two of the only women to not succumb to Ash’s dumb charm. 

More Ruby (Lucy Lawless)!: As a huge fan of Lucy Lawless and her career, I am so glad to see her on TV again after her amazing runs on shows like Xena: Warrior PrincessBattlestar Galactica, and Spartacus. Knowing she is married to the executive producer – also the original Evil Dead producer, Rob Tapert – had me insanely excited at the prospect she would be in this show. Not only is it awesome to see her in the show, but her character Ruby is really shaping up to be closely connected to Evil Dead history, which makes Ruby even more interesting than you would have thought before.

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Ash’s real hand: One major thing about Ruby that is very intriguing is her connection to Ash’s past; her family were the ones at the cabin in Evil Dead 2 that have Ash’s possessed hand in her possession. It doesn’t look half bad to boot for a 30+ year time of decay. But this was a huge surprise to fans of the films and will likely become a major part of the show in the future.

Ash’s Trip: Ash goes on a quite a journey in this episode while he trips on the hallucinogenic drink Brujo gives him. This takes him from having his eyes sewn shut and surrounding by menacing-looking things, to his happy place of Jacksonville, Florida where he has both his hands, chugs two beers and watches the sunset. This doesn’t last for long, though, as Kelly comes in and Eligos uses her to manipulate Ash’s mind and he starts having a bad trip back in the stockroom of Value Stop where we see another of those creepy dolls and Eligos trying to attack Ash. With a quick pop, Ash crushes the doll’s head in his hands and forces Eligos away, but in turn ends up almost choking Kelly to death in the real world. 

Possessed Kelly: So much can be said about Dana DeLorenzo’s awesome performance in the series, on top of here looking as gorgeous as ever even drenched in blood and with her possessed black eyes. Having Kelly be possessed by Eligos is a great turn of events, especially for Dana DeLorenzo, as it really shows off her acting chops. I just really hope they can get rid of this damn demon at some point because the last thing I want to see is Kelly have to die.

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Pablo is making Ash’s new hand: The excitement Pablo has when he decides to make Ash a new hand is along the lines of the excitement of fans. He is so giddy about the whole idea and yet he calmly sis down and makes one the most bad ass hands around complete with lighting, robotics, and maybe even a hair dye dispenser… maybe not the last one but still cool none the less.


Again no mention of Army of Darkness: This is strictly a rights issue so its hard to even put it here, but at times it really makes things confusing if we are to believe Ash did go to medieval England and fight a army of the dead. Lots on continuity errors in doing this and fans must surely be missing S-Mart. But if you understand the politics of studios and the way they work, especially with things like DC Comics TV and Movies never going to connect, and the atrocity that we will never see Deadpool interact with Rocket Raccoon on screen, then you understand the continuity errors. As an avid fan of this whole film and television series, it is a bit tough to swallow no mention of this film at all.

Possessed Kelly: I absolutely love Dana DeLorenzo in this role and feel she is knocking out of the park, especially with this episode, but the thought Kelly could have to die because of that creepy bastard Eligos is not something I am really ready to deal with.

Ash doesn’t seem to have control on drugs: This may be a plot point and not really a bad thing about the episode, but can we all agree to never give Ash any type of drug or mind altering substance? I mean smoking weed made him read from the Necronomicon and bring about all this hell again, and him drinking the hallucinogenic drink Brujo gave him almost had him choke Kelly to death. Although Kelly was really Eligos then, it still was a point where you actually were glad to see Ash get knocked out. So again, please, let the man be sober for a while, the whole world needs it!

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Kelly may take control over Eligos: This was something I thought might happen in time, especially if Brujo helps here to strengthen her mind. If this is the case, then she will be the ultimate bad ass of the group and be able to help rid the world of deadites even more than Ash if she is using the powers of Eligos. 

Ash’s hand will play an integral role: You don’t bring back someone’s severed hand as a character unless you plan big things with it, that is just fact. Knowing it is starting to come back may not only cause trouble for Ash, but may be what makes Ash finally show Fisher and Ruby that he means to rid the world of these things and make sure they never come back, until Season 2 of course.

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Ash’s new hand may come with more than just hand capabilities: An earlier prediction I had was maybe more attachments for Ash other than a wooden hand and a chainsaw, and it looks like we will get just that. I am thinking the if Pablo can make a robotic hand that fast, he, Ash, and Kelly (if she can get unpossessed) could make a ton of useful tools to help fend of any Kandarian demons. I mean the robotic hand Ash made in medieval times was quite impressive!

The series may end with a trip to Jacksonville, Florida: I see the last scene of tis season being the three ghostbeaters relaxing on a beach in Jacksonville after saving the world, only to see another deadite on the beach. I mean why wouldn’t Ash go there after this episode? It looked like a pretty amazing place in Ash’s trip, that is for sure.

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Hush Comics gives “Brujo” a gorgeous possessed Kelly and a squished shop owners possessed head to come out to an A. This episode was fantastic and showed off lots of skill from the people involved and that damn hand of Ash’s is still insanely creepy and probably still quite the little asshole.

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