Ash Vs Evil Dead “Fire In The Hole” Review S1E7

This week’s episode kept with the extreme violence from last weeks episode, but that is likely because it continued with the same director.  That’s seemed to be the case for the whole series as each director has gotten two episodes each – other than the first so far. As always, I will let out a warning that spoilers are coming in this article, because much like Ash and his friend acquaintance, Lem, I can be an asshole.


This week saw Ash and the gang, with the new addition of Detective Fisher, head out to the camp of Lem’s militia to collect better weapons than a meat tenderizer and a cleaver. Immediately when they get to the camp, it is apparent things are not going well for the militia as we see one man torn in half and another in immense pain. According to Ash they can patch him up though, NOT! The Militia comes in and shoots the man in the head and takes the group hostage.

As they interrogate them, they figure out Lem got possessed. On top of that, one of the men in the militia recognizes Fisher as a cop and they start wondering if they are from the government trying to perform tests on them. As the militia begins to reach unparalleled levels of idiocy Lem decides to attack and ends up taking one member of the militia down into their bunker. Pablo, and Kelly decide to run at this point and Ash and Fisher follow, but a little too late and they get caught, handcuffed, and thrown into the bunker where Lem had just escaped. While Ash and Fisher try to figure out the lights in the bunker, Pablo and Kelly try and hide and plan a way to rescue Ash and Fisher. We go back to the bunker where Fisher apologizes to Ash for misjudging him and tells him about Ruby.

While she talks, we see a rather scantily-clad Ruby rise from the ashes of the fire she was thrown into at Brujo’s place. Meanwhile, Pablo and Kelly formalize a plan to get a gun, and Pablo tries to discover himself, well at least what his iconic weapon should be, due to Kelly saying she wanted a flamethrower earlier. As they take out one guy, another shows up and takes them down capturing them again. They tie them up in their pick up, but as Pablo is trying to explain to them what is happening they end up getting attacked by another one of their possessed buddies. This causes Pablo to grab the keys, put the truck in reverse and smash the Deadite between the truck and a tree.

Kelly comes up with a plan to ambush the militia after this, but it requires Pablo to take the gas mask off the Deadite they had just killed and if you know anything about Deadites, you know what happened next; the Deadite militia member starts to grab Pablo, while Kelly grabs a gun and shoots maniacally until the Deadite is finally gone. As Pablo and Kelly head to take down the militia, Ash and Fisher are trapped down in the bunker and have to take out Lem. Lem shows up with kerosene and flares in a room with filled with propane tanks, so not the best of situations. Thanks to the ingenuity and cleverness of Fisher and the stumbling but accurate idiocy of Ash, they end up defeating just in time for Ash to get the girl.

Or not, since Pablo and Kelly show up, have taken over the camp, and open the bunker for Ash and Fisher o escape. After grabbing some guns, and a quick headshot to an oncoming deadite, the crew heads out, but no before Ash opens up and tells hem all he has a special place in his heart for all of them and then sneaks away at the last second to go to the infamous cabin alone, which just so happens to have been found by Ash’s old possessed hand.





Great one-liners: Ash has some of his best one-liners this episode, but most of that comes from him being handcuffed to Fisher nearly the whole episode. But by far my favorite line this episode was right at the beginning when they come across the injured man who wants them to kill him and Ash says, ”Easy fella, we’re not going to kill anybody. We’ll get you all fixed up.” Then signals his hand across his throat saying the man is dead meat. 

Ash and Fisher together: These two are polar opposites in how to handle the situation at hand, but that may be exactly why their chemistry is so good. Ash tries to be his usual ladies’ man self, and despite succumbing to it a bit, Fisher seems to stay resilient and pokes fun at Ash not being able to turn himself off even in the worst of situations.


Great effects this episode: This episode didn’t rely heavily on CGI and when it was present, it did not look as obvious as it has looked in the past. The biggest one was a man’s head exploding, but it was no where near as bad or as offensive as CGI vomit, or whenever Ash catches his chainsaw on his wrist.

Continued down the gory and bloody track: This episode was directed by Michael Hurst again, who directed last week’s “The Killer of Killers” and he sure know how to get the blood flowing. This episode, although less Raimi-feeling, stuck with the gore and cheesiness of the films and stood up as one of the most well-crafted episodes this season. 3

Ash looking out for his new friends: At the end of the episode Ash opens up to his new pack of friends that they all hold a special place in his heart. Which shows a whole new side to who Ash has become and how much he has changed from the kind of chicken shit man we knew in Evil Dead and the beginning of Evil Dead 2, to the cold stone killer and womanize he becomes at the end of Evil Dead 2 and in Army of Darkness. But then he ditches them, which is heartwarming since he’s looking out for them, but jus as coldblooded as we would expect Ash to be. 


Ash ditching his new friends: Although Ash being a good friend applies to the pro list, the fact he ditched them kind of puts him on the shit list again. I was hoping to see Ash change a bit as this story went on, but I love Ash he way he is. But seeing him ditch his friends felt like a little bit of a slap to the face after he has bonded with them all so well.

Still no explanation of who Ruby is: I get the fact that she is supposed be a mystery, wrapped in an enigma, with demons protecting the doors to her secrets, I really do. But when things don’t get explained a least a little by this close to the end of a season, I tend to worry that the mystery will have to unravel too quickly and come crashing down. I really hope this doesn’t happen, but would love a slight hint at a little of what is going on with this character.


How did nobody see Ruby get in her car, let alone speed off: Not many tiny details bug me like this, but this one I could not get over. It seemed very strange to me that a woman could approach a crime scene, get in a car, and speed away as if she was late to a Fast and Furious audition and not a single person came running out, or seemingly though it was weird at all.


Pablo, Kelly and Fisher will still find their way to the cabin: With how determined Pablo and Kelly were to help Ash, and with them and Fisher having such a connection to the evil I am sure they will all try and track down the cabin. It would make absolutely no sense at this point to send them on their own mission. It also confuses me why Ash would leave Fisher so soon, and when he got so close to closing the deal.


Expect some very Ash-centric episodes coming up: This next or next couple of episodes will likely feature Ash even more than usual, and may even get an episode of just him at the cabin. As much as I love Pablo, Kelly, Fisher and Ruby, it would sure be cool to see an episode of Ash encountering his hand, the laughing deer head, maybe evil Ash, and his past friends at the cabin. I would think the only thing that would save him a that point would be the triumphant return of the Ghostbeaters! 

Everything seems to be and most certainly will come full circle: As we saw the cabin and Ash’s hand reaching it in the last shot of this episode, it is very clear that this show is a rare occasion of pandering to fans but also making sure the story is good. Too many times, remakes and sequels try to make it for the fans, which takes it out of modern reality, and then try and make a story somewhat sensical out of only what fans want to see. This never tends to work, or at least very rarely, but Ash vs. Evil Dead not only does a great job of it, but it is all is going to come full circle and give fans and newcomers a great sense of the franchise by ending it on top jus where it started.



Hush Comics gives “Fire in The Hole” an A but not quite an A+ for a small lack of pace at times, but still at the top of its game. We are heading into the final stretch of episodes here, so expect full-on insanity here in the next few weeks.

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