Ash vs. Evil Dead “The Host” Review S1E5

We are now half way into the season and there has been many deaths, which most came from people who are just trying to help Ash out in defeating these things! But before we get to talking about be warned that there are spoilers in this article and just like Ash, you will only have yourself to blame for ruining things if you continue reading.

This episode was pretty hectic; it started with an exorcism for Ash since Kelly made Pablo and Brujo believe he was possessed by Eligos. As time went on, and Brujo tried to expel the demon, Kelly tried to coerce Pablo into almost killing himself. It happens as Kelly starts to get real flirty with him and looks around Ash’s trailer for booze, but finds a bag of joints instead. She decides it is time to spark them up but sends Pablo out to find a pipe. When Pablo returns with a pipe, Kelly has gotten bored of waiting and is using Ash’s boomstick to smoke, something very unpleasant looking. This freaks Pablo out, and he initially says no to smoking until the flirting pressures him into doing so.

Right as Pablo decides to partake in a bit of marijuana, Kelly/Eligos loads a bullet into the other chamber hoping to set it off when Pablo takes a hit. Pablo, being a skeptic and not wanting to get paranoid, eventually tests Eligos’ patience, making him take over Kelly and trying to force Pablo into shooting himself. But luckily, Ash gets through to Brujo that Kelly is possessed and not him, just in time to run in and find Pablo trying his damnedest to both shoot and not shoot Kelly. This leads to her exorcism, which doesn’t seem to work no matter what Brujo does – until Pablo decides to try and sacrifice himself to save Kelly which lures Eligos out, and after slapping everyone around like ragdolls and impaling Brujo on a spike, Ash finally lets a bullet loose into Eligos’ annoyingly twitchy head and turns him into goo.

After the confrontation, they burn Brujo’s body and find that Pablo has the power to be the next Brujo. We then get to see the hand Pablo finished for Ash before they finally hit the road again, but this time, I am not sure they even have a destination.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 1


Hemky Madera: The man who portrayed Brujo did a fantastic job in this role, and although he may be gone, these two episode with him really delved into the history and mythos behind the Necronomicon and Ash’s destiny as El Jefe. So it was very sad to see him go in bad way, but he was awesome in the role and added a lot to the Evil Dead series, on top of changing Pablo, Ash, and mostly Kelly for the better.

Kelly is ok!: I was getting real worried we may not have the awesome Dana DeLorenzo in the show much longer with that damn Eligos demon possessing her, but thanks to the strengths of Brujo, Ash and Pablo, the demon was blown into a huge puddle of blue goo and Kelly was able to return to normal. Unfortunately, that meant the sexy flirty Kelly didn’t get to make Pablo’s dreams come true.

Ash’s real hand as a GPS: I equally love the fact and find it silly that Ruby is using Ash’s actual hand to tell them where to go like a extremely old-school GPS system – although it certainly took its time to let you know when and where to turn, being the stupid and stubborn hand it is.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 2

Eligos is finally dead: “Shoot first, think never!” The great words of a much less great man, but words that ended up saving all of the Ghostbeaters asses this time around and words of advice that will almost certainly be used later by the whole group. My guess is that it will save them all again multiple times.

Ash’s new hand: We finally get a glimpse of Ash’s new hand that Pablo created for him using a power glove and old video game systems. The hand fits perfectly and gave us what might be the closest nod to Army of Darkness we will get in having it be basically shot for shot the same sequence used when Ash puts on his medieval robot hand.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 3

Possessed Kelly again!: This was a pro last week as well, but Dana DeLorenzo is just too badass not to be listed again – not to mention that possessed Kelly is frighteningly sexy. But really it is great fun to watch Dana play all these different archetypes within the same character as so many women have come to do in this franchise. That said, I am glad to see Kelly is back to normal and able to kick in some more Deadite heads next week.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 4


Pablo’s Tio (Uncle)/ Brujo is gone: As posted in the above Pro section, Hemky Madera was awesome in his role of Pablo’s uncle and the mystic Brujo. I was really hoping to see more of him, as his character was great and he knocked it out of the park, but much like everyone from Evil Dead, they don’t tend to last long unless the have a chainsaw for a hand.

Special effects at times they easily could have used practical effects: One of the major downfalls of this series are the special effects, as they can be rather obvious at times and unnecessary in others. Here, while Kelly is possessed, Brujo makes her eat some leeches and when she throws them up in very Exorcist fashion, they opted for special effects instead of practical ones and this seemed like the biggest misuse of effects yet. But to give credit where credit is due, the effects of Eligos’s hand on Kelly’s chest while he was making his way out of her was very well done and worked perfectly.


Pablo is the new Brujo: Judging from the episode, this is less of a prediction and more obvious statement. Once they burn Brujo’s body and his necklace flies off for Pablo to grab, we get a large indication that this is why Pablo is part of the ghostbeaters and one reason he and Ash were such good buddies at Value Stop.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 5

Obviously Kelly and Pablo will hook up: Although possessed Kelly had quite the attraction towards Pablo, I am sure in the second half of this season Kelly will finally fall for Pablo, especially if he becomes as important to the story as this episode hinted at.

Kelly and Pablo are meant for much more: The ending to this episode focused heavily on the influence Pablo will have on taking down the Deadites, but I am sure Kelly will find an equally important role in the next few episodes, being one of a few people to survive a demon possession within the Evil Dead universe. For legal reasons the show can’t mention Sheila from Army of Darkness.

Ash vs Evil Dead the host 6


Hush Comics gives “The Host” two big robotic power glove middle-fingers up equivalent to an A for always keeping up the pace and making sure to let the audience know that no one is safe from Deadites, even the leads, as they are all open to possession, and can easily be flipped many times and land on a spike.

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