Ash vs Evil Dead “Bound in Flesh” Review S1E9

Ash vs Evil Dead S1E9 “Bound In Flesh” Review

In this penultimate episode of the first season, we have a lead-in to one hell of a finale this next week, while learning plenty of things that will cause our heroes to risk just about everything else they have, which may not be much other than each other. Before we get started here comes the obligatory spoiler warning stating that the amount of spoilers in this article will be equal to the amount of deaths in all of Game of Thrones.


We start the episode with the battle of Ash’s leaving Pablo and Kelly all sorts of confused. But after a quick interrogation they figure out who the real Ash is and rain the Evil Ash down with bullets. Once this is over, we see the crew getting ready to dismember Evil Ash and Amanda so they don’t come back as Demons, but before this happens, the three campers from the last episode show up as they got lost and it is too late to try and find their way as the forest trail is changing. Duh guys, it’s a deadite forest… Oh yeah, they don’t know that.

Ash, Pablo and Kelly decided that Ash will stay and dismember the bodies while Pablo and Kelly guide the group back to their destination to try and avoid them becoming possessed at the cabin. Ash goes back inside and starts dismembering his evil clone until a pool of blood reaches the necronomicon and starts to talk to Ash. He is having none of it and takes the book into the kitchen and throws it into the fridge before he heads out to start his work on Amanda, but she is gone with no sign of where her now-possessed body is.

We go back to Pablo, Kelly and the campers walking around in the woods, with all sorts of scary noises. One noise spooks them too much and they shoot at it relentlessly, but it ends up just being a raccoon. As soon as they overcome that, another noise happens and the male camper leaps in front of their guns to stop them from shooting another animal and his wife jumps in front too defending her husband. Then all of a sudden she has a hand straight through her stomach and we see deadite Amanda there. Amanda then pulls her out out and shoves it into the back of he campers head; the husband tries to shoot Amanda with a flair but she dodges it and shoves her hand into his head as well, making them hand puppets before throwing them onto Pablo and Kelly.

As Pablo and Kelly struggle, Heather, the sister of the camper group, runs off and is caught and thrown against a tree snapping her shin as Pablo runs in to save her and ends up getting choked almost to death before Ruby intervenes and knocks Amanda away. After a quick interaction between the two, Pablo defends Ash to Ruby before Heather screams and scares away deadite Amanda. After this, the group trusts Ruby and takes her to the Cabin as they believe she is a Knowby.

Once Ash and Ruby meet, Ash knows something is off, but decides to trust her against his best interests. The whole group including Heather head into the cabin and start a ritual Ruby says will stop the deadites but as Ash starts to cut the face off of the necronomicon, and hands the book to Ruby, things start going crazy and Ruby stats reading from the book. Ash tries to take the book back, telling Ruby, “You have no idea what you are doing!,” Ruby pushes Ash across the room stating, “Of course I do. I wrote the book!”1 


Ash’s one liners were fantastic: Ash had plenty of great lines this episode that were trademark Ash one liners including, “Hey evil, why don’t you eat my butt!”, and “I’m going to say a lot of dumb things.” Ash was sure on his game with jokes and insults this episode and I am sure a She-Bitch is coming for Ruby next episode.

Samara Weaving: The niece of the famous Hugo Weaving and Australian star does a great job with her role of Heather. But if she gets in the way of Pablo and Kelly, there will be a literal hell to pay!


One of the most brutal scenes of the season was also one of the funniest: As we ready ourselves to see the dismemberment of two characters (a total of four this episode!), we start to cringe until… until Bill Withers’ “Just the Two of Us” starts playing? Although still a brutal scene to watch, you find yourself laughing making you feel like a sick person. But us Screwhead fans of Evil Dead made us feel normal again compared to past brutal scenes of the series.


Deadite Fisher: I absolutely love Jill Marie Jones as Fisher and as a person, so seeing her die last episode was heart-wrenching. But then we saw her coming back – as inevitable as with most dead people in this series. I do really wish she wouldn’t have died and become a deadite, but seeing more of her is always a good thing. 

We finally know who Ruby is: Well it’s about damn time we figured something out about Ruby. Part of me understands why it took so long and another part of me is frustrated we only figured out in the second to last episode of the season. But now with the secret out, she is ten times as terrifying as before.5 


The hiking/camping group was just as expendable as we thought: Everyone, including us, saw this coming and it was one of the more blatantly obvious things in the series. As soon as you saw these three enter the picture, you knew they were gone before you even got to know their names, really. Sure Heather is still alive, but only because Pablo has a bit of a crush on her that caused that.


There is only one episode left: This is very sad and possibly the worst con of the series. Thankfully, we can all take comfort in knowing season two is coming, but to wait a whole year makes me wish I was sucked into a time traveling portal like Ash in Evil Dead 2 to see the next season now.

Will Pablo and Kelly just kiss already: Ok Ash vs. Evil Dead, we get it… Pablo likes Kelly and Kelly likes Pablo, now if something could happen there, that would be great.3 

Ash’s mechanical hand now fits into the chainsaw, or it’s just a production error: It must have just been a small production error, but this whole episode had Ash wearing the glove still on, making the chainsaw hand look quite funky at times and as soon as you noticed it, it was hard to get over. It also wouldn’t be that big of a deal if they hadn’t focused on him taking off the glove before so many times.


I have a feeling someone is going to sacrifice themselves to get rid of Ruby and the Evil: The way Pablo and Kelly have been going, I am thinking one of them will sacrifice themselves for the other. But that brings me to the next prediction…

I don’t expect Heather to survive, especially if Pablo and Kelly are at risk: If either Pablo or Kelly do not sacrifice themselves, I can see Heather doing the same since at the moment she is rather expendable and it would have meaning behind it if she did so for Kelly more than Pablo.



Hush Comics gives “Bound in Flesh” an A for finally answering questions, getting the fodder out of the way, giving us Evil Ash, and having some of the best jokes this season. Now we much get our stumps/chainsaws and boomsticks ready for the finale as it is going to be crazy.

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