Ash vs. Evil Dead “The Killer of Killers” Review S1E6

Whew, what an episode this week! It had plenty of blood, deadites, and action and a delicious stack of flapjacks. Before we dive into this thing blindly like Ash picking up the Necronomicon in Army of Darkness, be warned that there will be more spoilers than there are skeletons in the Deadite army.


This episode saw a fun and peaceful meal at a local diner before they continue their fun little family road trip, hahaha, as if… It was actually one of the most violent and bloody episodes yet. The action starts back at Brujo’s home where Ruby and Detective Fisher arrive to find Brujo’s burning body and what the Ghostbeaters team has left behind. They split up to check the place out but as Ruby checks things out inside, the blatantly obvious happens and Brujo’s burning body gets possessed and starts heading towards Fisher. Ruby runs and locks him into a hold with a scythe and pulls it into the fire before the kind of badly animated skeleton call her a traitor and that the other Deadites will not let her claim the Necronomicon by herself. Then they both disappear in the fire leaving Fisher alone making her take the car, finding Ash’s hand missing, but before she thinks twice about it she heads after Ash and the gang.

We then go to the gang eating at a diner and discussing what to do next while Ash devours some pancakes. During the discussion, one of Ash’s old acquaintances shows up telling him he is part of the militia now, which will likely mean a lot more next episode. While Ash is busy, Pablo and Kelly try and work through whatever happened when Kelly was possessed, but don’t get very far before Ash shows back up ruining the moment by asking for money for he meal despite supposedly offering to pay before. Ash sends Pablo and Kelly out while he tries to offer sex to the waitress, in classy Ash fashion, and goes to meet her in the bathroom, but instead finds Detective Fisher in there to arrest him. All the while Pablo and Kelly find out the Nerconomicon is not very happy with the necklace Brujo had given Pablo, and flies out of a box to try and eat it straight off Pablo’s neck.

Kelly and Pablo subdue the book and pile a massive amount of things on top of the box to keep the Nerconomicon at bay. As Fisher is taking Ash out of the diner, her commanding officer shows up, and here is where he insanity starts. What happens after this is very hard to write without taking up the rest of the article and I can only sum it up with: window explosion, Ice skate in head, stake in cook’s head, disemboweled police chief, kid impaled on fan, Pablo doing a bad ass baseball slide, and Kelly makes thin meat slices and mashed brains out of the waitress. Yes, it was super gory with great practical effects, and at the end, Fisher changes her mind about Ash and officially becomes a member of the Ghostbeaters gang. I can only sum up with one word, Groovy!

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Bad Ass Women!: One of my absolute favorite aspects of his show is how powerful the women are becoming; they are equal to if not more powerful than Ash. This was very apparent this episode when Ruby defeated Brujo, when Fisher took out Ash, and especially Kelly murdered the Deadite waitress. These women sure know how to kick ass in this show, and I can only hope now that Fisher is with the group, she will get a chance to show off her Deadite-killing skills.

ash vs evil dead killer of killers 2

Ash being his less-than-charming self: Lets be honest here about Ash and the way he handles life. He is very bad at it. That’s not to take away from his Deadite-killing talent, but the man is about as smooth as a porcupine’s back when it comes to flirting, even though he usually tends to get the girl anyway. Now this episode that wasn’t the case, and Ash got majorly shut down, in the way we all expect him to in real life. Again, being honest here, we absolutely love the guy for it and any female Evil Dead fan would swoon if a man surprised her with a classic Ash line like, ‘Would you like me to string your racket?”

Pablo and Kelly continue to be awesome: Every episode, I fall in love with these characters more and more, and the scenes with just these two were funny and very well done in my opinion. I absolutely love the comedic timing of Ray Santiago as Pablo. Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly is proving to be the major bad ass I was hoping she would be from episode 1, and her acting skills have proven to show more and more each episode.

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The practical effects: This episode was filled to the brim with practical effects and made it one of my favorite episodes so far this season, if not my favorite. The whole episode felt straight out of one of the films and the direction by Michael Hurst was fantastic.

Pablo’s amazingly kick ass baseball slide: No one saw a baseball slide coming in this series, but I am so glad it happened. It just goes to show you even more, that Pablo is a guaranteed ghostbeater in every way possible.

ash vs evil dead killer of killers 4

Jill Marie Jones: I know I already listed strong women, but I really got to give a hand to Jill Marie Jones this episode as Detective Fisher. The more I see of her in this, the more I want to see her act in general. An awesomely talented actor, who can kick ass and is gorgeous to boot. I sure hope to see a lot more of her in this series and other projects.


Graphics yet again: It’s hard to tell sometimes if the graphics are the way they are to come across as campy, or if they really are just budgeted lower. If it is the latter, it is hard to excuse seeing as how small the budget was for the original three films and yet their practical effects fit perfectly into the feel of the franchise. Whereas the Brujo skeleton was kind of a mess graphics-wise; sure it looked cool, but it would have felt more true to the franchise if it was practical like the skeletons in Army of Darkness. Any bad graphics are redeemed later in the episode during the diner fight – other than the small bit of Ash catching the chainsaw on his wrist.

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There has never been enough Ruby: I tend to find myself wanting more and more of Lucy Lawless’s character, it may be the fact I just enjoy her as an actress so much, or it may be because I get so frustrated not knowing anything about her and that never seems to change. We got a slight glimpse of who she may be, but that pretty much negated all we knew of her before, so we are kind of back at square one with her and I can only hope in the next four episodes we finally get some answers before this season ends.


Not much will be solved: It sure is looking like this talented team of Ghostbeaters sure doesn’t get much done, but ghostbeating while the world goes to hell around them. I am sure there will be some closure for the season, but again knowing a second is already on it’s way has me thinking, Ash surely won’t rid the world of Deadites again, and not have them come back even worse than all three previous times.

The Militia of Lem’s (Ash’s friend?) won’t be too ken on helping Ash: Things between Ash and his old pal sure didn’t seem too smooth and having Lem obviously be taken by the Deadites after the diner incident does not bode well for the militia either. Knowing that Ash knows their base, and knowing the items at said base is sure to lead Deadite Lem to cause some bloody trouble for the militia and Ash next episode or two.

Things won’t be too good between Ruby and Fisher when they meet again: Seeing as Fisher kind of stole Ruby’s car, left her for dead (although there wasn’t much choice), and definitely siding with Ash will leave quite the sore spot between what ever friendship they had. But I am sure Ruby is still plotting quite the plan to take care of Ash and getting the Necronomicon, even if she was dragged to hell (eh, see what I did there fellow Raimi fans? Ugh I know, terrible pun).

ash vs evil dead killer of killers 6

Hush Comics gives “The Killer of Killers” a couple thinly sliced slabs of Deadite head and one major baseball slide into an A+ this week. The diner fight alone was enough to earn a giant round of applause from me, but the storytelling and direction this episode made it by far one of the best of the series so far.

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