Better Call Saul Recap and Reviews – Season 2, Episodes 7-9

Welcome to Part 2 of our Better Call Saul Season 2 Recap and Review catch up! Make sure to check out Part 1 and our review for the finale!

Season 2, Episode 7: “Inflatable”

better call saul inflatable review


The cold open gives us our first look at what Jimmy was like as a child and at his father. The scene shows a con-man coming into Jimmy’s father’s corner store and trying to get five dollars out of him based off sympathy. Jimmy had been looking at a Playboy Magazine, but quickly realizes he needs to warn his father of the scheme. Jimmy’s father doesn’t see the bad in people and goes to look at the man’s car, which he claimed was broken down. Meanwhile, the man asks Jimmy for two cartons of cigarettes, proving that he was scheming and in fact does have money. After the man gives Jimmy some sage advice about wolves and sheep, Jimmy chooses to pocket the money instead of putting it in the till. This seems to be the first time Jimmy steals from his father.

In present day, Jimmy represents Mike and speaks for him, saying the gun belonged to Mike and not Tuco Salamanca. The police believe Mike was either paid off or threatened. They wouldn’t be wrong.

Jimmy is thinking about opening a law office with Kim, as seen by his doodles of “WM” when he is waiting at the courthouse for Mike.

Jimmy decides that he will resign from Davis and Main, but Omar reminds him that he will have to pay back his bonus if he resigns. Jimmy decides to make an ass out of himself instead. He wears brightly colored suits, brings a juicer to work, and doesn’t flush his shit. He is fired by Main and called an asshole in the process. After he is fired, Jimmy takes a pop can out of Erin’s hand and throws it in the trash for good measure. Jimmy is able to keep his cocobolo desk out of the deal, and he pays 7,000 dollars for it.

Jimmy comes to HHM to try to get Kim to go into partnership with him. She tells him no and goes to the interview with Schweikert and Cokely instead. When she leaves the interview calling Richard by Howard’s name instead, she comes up with the idea to share an office with Jimmy, but not a firm. She brings up the idea to Jimmy, but he does not provide an answer.

Meanwhile, Mike buys Stacey and Kaylee a new home. Later, he starts spying on the Salamanca headquarters.

Easter Eggs and Other References

  • -Kim owes 15,000 in student loans. Lawyers at HHM must not make very much money if she lives in a studio and can’t pay back her student loans.
  • -Jimmy sees an inflatable man flapping in the wind. This is similar to the Lady Liberty one on his future office. He gets the idea to dress snazzy from the inflatable, too.
  • -Jimmy’s new pen cup at the nail salon is a Davis and Main mug.
  • -Even the kidney people wouldn’t take Jimmy’s old car.
  • -Speaking of Jimmy’s old car, his desk is officially worth more than the yellow and red beater.
  • -The realtor who shows Stacey and Mike the house is the same woman who catches Marie stealing from open houses in Breaking Bad.


“There are wolves and sheep in this world kid. Wolves and sheep. Figure out which one you’re gonna be.” – Con-man to Young Jimmy.

“Hey, we need the water.” – Jimmy about not flushing his shit at work.

“I’m just a square peg.” – Jimmy to Main about being sorry for not fitting in.

“Are you going to play this straight? Or are you going to be… colorful?” – Kim to Jimmy about being partners in law.


Scorpio by Dennis Coffey plays during Jimmy’s rebellion at Davis and Main.

Other thoughts:

-Schweikert asks Kim who she is and why she came to New Mexico. She doesn’t really answer either question, yet we really want to know. And ultimately, is she Jimmy’s future ex-wife? Where does she fit?

Hush Comics gives “Inflatable” a B for giving us a delectable montage of Jimmy doing Saul-like antics, moving us ahead without HHM or Davis and Main, and giving us an idea of where Kim and Jimmy are going together.

Season 2, Episode 8: “Fifi”

better call saul fifi review


A truck for Regalo Helado crosses the U.S. Border with ease during the inspection. The truck driver eats a popsicle on his way into town. He stops in the desert in New Mexico to retrieve a gun and leaves his popsicle stick in a graveyard of other sticks.

Mike spies on Hector and figures out that the Regalo Helado truck is source of the drugs the Salamancas sell. Mike finds out where the truck driver is paid, and we can hear the lug nuts being unscrewed, indicating there is money in the tires. Later, Mike and Kaylee make a special hose by drilling holes in it. After Kaylee leaves, Mike puts spikes in the hose.

Kim finally resigns from HHM, leaving Howard bitter about her decision and causes him to admit regret for joining his father’s firm. They immediately battle for the Mesa Verde contract. Kim does her hard sell, and Howard asks for Chuck’s help in HHM’s sell. Chuck ends up the winner, despite Kim’s confidence. Kim and Jimmy decide to continue to go into business together and take up place at a former dentist office.

Jimmy decides to make a new ad, for what we don’t know, but it is one of the funniest scenes of the season. Jimmy is owed a favor by an elderly public masturbator named Fudge. The film students, Fudge, and Jimmy, pull one over on a Captain in the Air Force and get to film with FIFI, the last surviving B-29.

Chuck’s health worsens the more work he does, and Jimmy relieves Ernie of Chuck duty. In a cool montage, Jimmy switches the address of the Mesa Verde paperwork to avenge Kim. The next day, Jimmy confronts Chuck about stealing Mesa Verde from Kim.

  • Easter Eggs and Other References:
  • -At the border, when the Regalo Helado truck is inspected, we get a glimpse of a bug after the OK is given for the truck. This tells us that the truck is in fact “bad.”
  • -The Regalo Helado slogan is “De nuestra familia a la suya,” or “from our family to yours.”
  • -Kim and Jimmy eat at the Doghouse. The Doghouse is the same place Jesse Pinkman likes to sell meth. The Doghouse also happens to have the best chili in Alburquerque.
  • -Chuck refers to Jimmy as Svengali when it comes to Kim. Svengali is a character in George du Maurier’s Trilby, which portrays Svengali as exploiting a young English girl for her singing talents.
  • -The copy place Jimmy commits fraud in is Valliant Printing, located here.


When the Regalo Helado truck is being inspected, the music that plays is “The Best Bad Idea” by Mathias Schaffhauser (Nicholas Masseyeff Remix)

Jimmy’s copy montage song is “Why Don’t You Do It?” by Little Barrie:

Other Thoughts

This episode felt a little slow, but it put in motion things perfectly for Episode 9.

Hush Comics gives “Fifi” a B+ mostly for the hilarious scene when Jimmy takes Fudge to film at Fifi.


Season 2 Episode 9: “Nailed”

better call saul nailed review


In one of the most “Mike” moments of Better Call Saul, we get a fantastic cold open. Can Mike just be my Pop-Pop? Dressed in black and waiting in the desert, Mike takes his special hose and runs it across the highway to pop the tires of the Regalo Helado truck. Why does Mike want a war with the Cartel? It seems he just wants to stick it to Hector Salamanca for threatening his granddaughter. He tapes the trucker’s mouth and eyes, proceeds to cut the tires open and steals a quarter of a million dollars.

Later, we find Mike spying on Hector. Hector takes medication of some sort to calm down. Mike goes to a bar, and he buys a round for everyone there to celebrate his Robin Hood-esque crime. The next day, Mike goes to his usual diner, this time starting a flirtatious conversation with his waitress, Fran. Nacho calls Mike and asks to meet up. When they do, Nacho lets Mike know that he knows Mike was the one who stole the cash because Mike is the only person he knows who won’t pull the trigger. Mike asks about why the truck robbery wasn’t in the newspapers, and Nacho tells him that the scene was cleaned up. A Good Samaritan came along and found the driver on the side of the road. The trucker was cut lose, called Hector, and the crew came out and rescued the driver. They also killed the Good Samaritan and buried them in the desert.

For Chuck, things go badly at court when the discrepancy of the address and Mesa Verde is brought to light. Meanwhile, Jimmy switches the correct papers at Chuck’s house. At court, Chuck makes an ass out of himself with his arrogance, but comes to realize that Jimmy must have switched the address. HHM loses their client, and when Kim is hired she goes to pick up the files, Chuck confronts Jimmy about his crime, even changing the locks. Kim figures that Jimmy actually did commit fraud, but she decides to stand up for Jimmy to Chuck and gives him a big dose of the truth.

Kim and Jimmy commit to their new office and each other. In one scene, they renovate their new practice. In another, it is shown that Jimmy is now staying with Kim. Kim isn’t happy with Jimmy for committing fraud just so she could get her client back, and she tells Jimmy they won’t talk about it anymore. However, she does guilt him into silently admitting that he did it and convinces him to cover his tracks better.

Jimmy, his film student crew, and a new addition of a make-up girl all go to an elementary school to shoot a piece of a commercial, featuring Jimmy in front of a waving American flag. The scene is hysterical. Jimmy is able to con the administration into letting him shoot by telling them it is a documentary about Rupert Holmes, the “Pina Colada Song” guy, despite the new girl almost derailing him.

The end of the episode had Jimmy going to cover his tracks at the copy store, but Ernesto is already there. When Ernesto leaves, Jimmy pays the copy clerk to keep mum and delete the tape from the cameras. Chuck arrives shortly later. Jimmy watches the confrontation from the outside. Chuck becomes more and more erratic and passes out from the electricity. He hits his head on the corner of a table. Jimmy watches on in horror.

Easter Eggs and Other References

  • The bar that Mike frequents is the same bar he beats up Walt in in “Thirty-Eight Snub.”
  • Jimmy’s new ad will play during Diagnosis Murder, the same TV show his Davis and Main spot played during.
  • When Kim tells Jimmy that Chuck would make a great adversary, she says that around him, Jimmy would want all his “I’s dotted and his T’s crossed,” a reference to how Jimmy said he would play the law game straight.
  • The picture Chuck shows the copy clerk of Jimmy is from the newspaper from when Jimmy was honored as a Good Samaritan in Season 1.


“No one accused you of being lazy. Every other sin in the book, but not that one.” – Chuck to Jimmy about his doctored photocopy job.

“I know he’s not perfect.” Kim about Jimmy

“Isn’t Rupert Holmes English?” –Jimmy’s Make-Up lady on Jimmy’s lie about Rupert Holmes going to school in Albuquerque

“All I can tell you is that you guys aren’t as smart as you think you are.” – Mike to Nacho about the Cartel


The jaunty music the Regalo Helado trucker sings to is called “Mi Cucu” by La Sonora Dinamita & Lucho Argain & La India Meliyara.

Other Thoughts:

Chuck has progressively gotten worse as the season has gone on. He is upset with Kim for going against his word. His anger at Jimmy and illness combined has put Chuck in the spot he is in. He has done this to himself.

Mike is a bold old man. He ripped off the Cartel. Do you know how many balls that takes?

Lance, the copy guy, could be in this show for the long haul. He was really good at doing what Jimmy asked, and he could be a real asset to the type of business Jimmy wants to run.

Hush Comics gives “Nailed” an for giving Mike a great story, allowing Kim to be honest, and for setting up for an intense finale due to Chuck’s accident.

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