Supernatural Review – “Love Hurts” S11E13


After last week, I really did not have high hopes for this week’s episode for Supernatural, which turned out to be a great idea on my part. “Love Hurts” was yet another space filler episode with likely little to no thought put into it. Frankly, I’d rather sit here and talk about this week’s episode of The X-Files because, while it was probably their weakest so far, it was still streets ahead of Supernatural. I’d rather be talking about the New Hampshire primary or the impending chaos that will be Super Tuesday because at least I’m captivated and passionate about that. Hell, if you wanted to talk about tube socks, I’d even be down for that! But instead I’ll focus and drag myself through yet another disappointing episode of the people’s darling that is Supernatural.

The Good

It was watchable: Hey, alright! Something we can put in the win category. At the very least, this episode was watchable. I don’t think that it has a lot of re-watchability, but it was at least entertaining for the time I gave to it. In no way was “Love Hurts” an original idea, it was really more of a weak amalgamation of a handful of previous episodes (the Siren, the Cherub/Cupid, when Famine came to town, Samhain on Halloween…), but at least it didn’t waste time pretending to be any more than that. The brothers go to Hudson, Ohio to deal with the murder of a young babysitter whose heart was torn out. There is nothing that stands out about that premise in itself, and there was no surprise element when the whole thing turned out to be a witch masquerading death curses as love spells for the hell of it, but the episode was paced well. It was annoying that Amara only showed in a basically imaginary capacity, but I’m not surprised in the least by that. The truth is this episode provided very little, but I expected very little, so in that aspect it worked. I was a slightly bored, it was predictable at times but at least I wasn’t itching to change the channel. It had its moments of entertainment value and I’m at least grateful for that.


Sam and Dean: Despite all of the other shortcomings I may feel this season is riddled with I have to give them one compliment for every episode so far: The Winchester’s are still 100% worth watching. Their misadventures don’t quite hit the spot, and the gravity The Darkness seemed to have in the season premiere has entirely disappeared but the characters at the heart of Supernatural are still absolutely what makes this show work. Their chemistry through moments of comedy and drama is still completely on point and last night it was the one true shining grace that I realized I may have taken for granted so far in Season 11.

The Bad:


What was the point of any of it?: I am aware that the actual point of Sam and Dean going to Hudson to stop these murders was obviously to stop murders and kill a monster, but what is the point of having yet another episode that means nothing? “Love Hurts” was not well written, it was half assed. As I mentioned earlier it moved along well enough, the story was entertaining enough but by no means does that mean this was a good episode. It was a waste of time. It wasn’t exciting, or fun, or dramatic or even really funny – it just kind of was. I watched it, it had no impact on me, I went about the rest. To me that is not something that you say about good television. I must acknowledge that, in the end, the writers tried to move things along when it came to light that the monster took on Amara’s form to try and kill Dean. He revealed that he is in fact somehow infatuated with Amara and that he can’t be counted on to kill her. Sam was entirely unaffected by that fact and so life goes on, aka – no actual development. I’m sorry, but it’s just bad storytelling at this point.

Next week’s episode: Call bullshit if you want but I am indeed going to count the teaser for next week’s episode as a negative. I suffered through another unsatisfying week only to be greeted with a preview of Sam and Dean, back in WWII on a German U-Boat to look forward to. Are you FUCKING kidding me? This may be one of the most directionless seasons of anything I’ve ever witnessed. On the plus side, at least Lucifer will be back in hell and has Crowley chained up like a dog and wearing Hawaiian shirts. That looked pretty great, but I bet we only get one crummy scene about it in the whole damn episode.  

One More Thing…:

Did anyone else catch that before the babysitter had her heart torn out she was channel surfing between Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, Neon Joe: Werewolf Hunter, and Rick and Morty? That was pretty great. Perhaps even the greatest part of the whole damn thing…

Hush Comics gives “Love Hurts” a D for being good enough to get through, but having no genuine substance beyond that fact.

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