Supernatural Review – “The Vessel” S11E14


After seeing the preview for this week’s episode of Supernatural, I was convinced it would be one of the worst in history. I was dreading it, to be entirely honest with you. But I must say, I stand corrected. What seemed like the dumbest non-canonical idea ever was actually entirely based on The Darkness and Casifer story arc and frankly it was pretty damn good. Until the end, that is. Either way, my god, I must tell you what I huge relief it is to finally write a review of an episode of SPN that I enjoyed watching. Yay!

The Good

What “The Vessel” was Actually About: As I mentioned above, and pointed out in last week’s review, the idea of another time travel episode for seemingly no good reason was not only annoying but kind of insulting. I was shocked, impressed, and relieved to find out that this wasn’t just another bullshit waste of time but that the plot was actually moving forward – and in a really satisfying way. The Winchesters seeking weapons of God to aid in the war is a great idea, and while the need to go back to WWII is a bit a random it still worked. I really enjoyed the introduction of Delphine, she was a smart and fierce Woman of Letters and I really hope she isn’t actually dead and will resurface to help the Winchesters in the fight against Amara.  There was thought put into this episode and at this stage in the season my god is that refreshing. The ending may have been a bit lackluster (more on that later) but at least The Vessel” laid some very desperately needed groundwork for a season that is coming to a close sooner than later.


The Hand of God: While it may seem like a pretty powerful weapon for the Winchester’s to have never heard of before, the introduction of such an artifact means that there may indeed be light at the end of this tunnel. Maybe the writers won’t actually attempt to tackle the God task and instead empowered mortals can fight off The Darkness with some pretty badass biblical weapons. I get the idea that if The Hand of God can exist there is probably a good amount of other items out there that can aid the Winchester’s in their inevitable fight against the sister of God.


The Emotional Stake: The Vessel” is one of the most intense episodes of the season so far, and thank goodness for that. It feels so good to give a damn what happens again. I knew the submarine was cursed to sink, taking the lives of all the men on board but I was still so invested in the hope that they might all survive anyway. It was devastating when Petey found out that he was going to die that very day, and that the war he was fighting would wage on for years even after he perished. The submarine trying to evade the German ship that would eventually sink it was extremely suspenseful to boot and I basically had my eyes glued to the screen the whole damn time.


Casifer: This is the first time Misha Collins’ performance didn’t feel like a joke. I enjoyed his previous appearances because the episodes themselves sucked and his impression of Lucifer was comical but this time it finally felt real. He seems to have finally gotten the grasp of it and Lucifer being inside Castiel’s body isn’t so much goofy as it is fearsome now.

There’s Hope Now: I have more hope for this season now than I have in weeks. I finally think this season may go somewhere and that this whole Darkness nonsense won’t be the story line that murdered Supernatural. I’m not going to even start and how ridiculously horrible next week’s episode looks because for the time being I just want to enjoy this “finally a good episode” high.


The Bad

Well… That was All for Nothing: I don’t want to waste too much energy on it, but it does really freaking suck that after everything that happened in “The Vessel” was pretty much a waste of time. The Hand of God’s powers have been all used up by Delphine, it’s basically just a block of wood now. There’s no weapon and no plan and I can’t for the life of me understand why on earth that seemed like a good choice in the writer’s room. All I can think of is that this whole thing won’t have been a huge goddamn waste of time if Delphine shows up and is now a weapon herself. This was a good episode, but what a bullshit ending.

Hush Comics gives “The Vessel” an A for finally getting things going again and for making me feel something again… bullshit ending and all.

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