Supernatural Review – “Don’t You Forget About Me” S11E12

Supernatural debuted yet another non-canonical episode this week and because of that, I feel compelled to deviate from our usual review style. As opposed to breaking down the episode for the good and bad bits (mostly bad, mind you), I feel compelled instead to offer a wholly different response. I will get to the breakdown – although it will be far less detailed than normal – but first I just have to ask why/what the hell is going on with Supernatural this season.



First of all, last I checked (today) Supernatural has yet to be picked up for a twelfth season. Is this really the note they want to go out on? I’m getting ahead of myself already, let me try again to start from the beginning.

Supernatural has been on for eleven years now, and while not every season has been gold (I’m looking at you, Leviathons) the show has ultimately been strong. At least, strong enough to be one of the longest running shows currently on television. It does not always take itself seriously; in fact, the moments in which it pokes fun at itself have been some of the strongest. The true reality is that this show may seem like overdramatic bullshit to some, but to its fanbase, it created characters we love, told stories that changed our lives, and gave us something to be excited about and devoted to. That being said, Season 11 is at risk of being the last season of Supernatural ever and so far, it is one of the worst I’ve ever seen. There is no story development, at all, and we’re just about halfway through its supposed arc. I was worried that the writers may have dug themselves into a hole when they created The Darkness, a being older and more powerful than any force ever, except perhaps for God. And wouldn’t you know it, God has been MIA for years because the concept of characterizing fucking GOD is extremely daunting and something best avoided by primetime TV. So what could the Winchesters possibly come up with to defeat such a force? Personally, I have no goddamn idea and I’m really starting to resent feeling the forces behind the show have no freaking clue either.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for the non-canon episodes of Supernatural. Every single episode cannot be solely about the big bad. Taking a break gives the audience an opportunity to enjoy other monsters, to get a breather from the heavy shit, and quite frequently, to have a laugh. However, there has only been one episode this season that I feel lives up to that (“Just My Imagination – freaking fantastic) and the rest have just been boring ways to kill time. Or so it seems to me. “Don’t You Forget About Me” was just apparently my breaking point. I suffered through the boring ass Banshee episode last week with a smile, but this week’s showing was just too disappointing. Maybe the writers decided to do an episode that centered around the only three female characters they haven’t killed off yet because of all the heat they came under after Charlie’s death, who knows? But if that was the goal, it accomplished very little for them.

I don’t like to be a hater, I really don’t – especially when it comes to something that I’ve deemed as one of my favorite fandoms (I have an SPN tattoo for fuck’s sake), but the sad truth is that I am not enjoying this season. Maybe I have too high of expectations or my patience is limited, or maybe I’m just not giving the Supernatural team enough credit. Good god, I hope it’s the latter. I don’t know how any of you feel about last night’s episode or this season so far, but speaking solely for myself, I know I want more out of it. I don’t want this to be the last season of SPN, I want them to go out when they choose and in an intense blaze of glory. So far, Season 11 does not seem like that blaze, and if a renewal is based on merit alone, I’m pretty worried. Perhaps this is just a slow start to something great, maybe I’m just being a dick – I don’t know yet. All I can say now is that sure hope Supernatural proves me wrong and I am left eating my words, and this article, by the end of the season.

Now that’s out of the way, here’s a quick breakdown or what worked and what didn’t in “Don’t You Forget About Me”.

The Good


Sheriff Jody Mills: I love you Sheriff Jody, and I always will. Never change. But maybe learn to fight a little better since you’re a cop and pseudo-monster hunter.

The Bad


The predictable twist. And his acting: Okay, I could see from a mile away that Henry was going to turn out to be evil. He was too perfect and not at all believable as a person. And frankly one of the worst actors in show history.

Claire: I get it, Claire has really had a rough life so far. But on this show, who the hell hasn’t? My point being that a rough past doesn’t give you the excuse to be a complete bitch all the time. Sure, she should/could be a little rough around the edges, but there should at least be a likable person there somewhere. As far as I see it, she doesn’t have a single redeeming quality.

Alex: While I am fully aware that SPN has a nasty habit of killing off their only female characters, I have to admit that I was kind of hoping Alex actually died. She is inconsequential so while her death would have had no overarching impact, it would have at least given some substance or grit to last night’s episode. There can be meaning in death, and the reality is that Alex helped to ruin a lot of people’s lives. The vamp that came for her was a single representation of many and frankly I think he was owed his vengeance. After all, in their past he defended her from a potential rape, to gave her some money to take care of herself and drove her home safely so that he could be sucked dry by her vampire “family,” turned into a vampire himself, and then basically forced into killing his wife and son before he could even understand what happened to him.


As much as it pains me to do so I give “Don’t You Forget About Me” and F for having no substance and for making me go on the sad rant posted above.

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  1. Daisy

    100% agree
    Seriously I don’t know what is going on with the show. The last two episode had nothing to do with the series Supernatural. Yes somewhere in between there were some alibi monsters but the rest felt like a normal boring generic police / detective sequel. Further the feminization of Supernatural is now getting to a point where I’m asking myself wtf is going on. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a woman but in the last years I only see on TV or film woman portrait with male attitudes or depicted as over sexualized horny cougars. And now Supernatural is adapting and is even pushing these unrealistic characteristics. Once Supernatural had portrait awesome ladies, remember Missouri, Helen, Jo, or even Pamela? These ladies were believable, charismatic and their story and background matched the Supernatural universe. Further they were outsiders, living on the edge of society. Now we get these female hobby, weekend hunters with no clue.

    Lets take Sheriff Jody as example. Once I like her, but now her character is being shoved into my face. It’s like watching infomercials. Further her social background doesn’t fit into the ‘original’ Supernatural story. She is a government employee, she executes state power and therefor is an accepted member of society. Saying she is the social norm.
    Now this contradicts the core of Supernatural. Once Supernatural was a story about individuals living and acting between the borders of the normal society and the supernatural realm. They were all anarchic outsiders. Further they were all anti government. Remember in the beginning how Dean acted in Hook-man’ towards the Sheriffs or how they always tried to outrun the police or FBI? How they tried to keep low profile. Remember Agent Henrickson? I mean this was one of the aspects that gave a thrill, hunting the monsters but at the same time being hunted by the state or government executives.
    And today Supernatural morphed into a friendly Brady bunch family feminized detective show. Sorry to say but this is worse than Buffy, Charmed, Scooby Doo or Ghost Whisperer.

    I boycotted the last episode, mainly because of the character ‘Clair’. I don’t like her. Further I don’t like the ‘message’ Supernatural is transferring. Namely girls do not have to train and work to achieve a goal, they only have to experience something traumatic, act like a spoiled, ignorant brat and miraculously they can be what they want to be. Furthermore her story as Jody’s and Donna neglect and undermine the whole supernatural ‘hunter’ special training and education issue.
    It’s like all one has to do is google and play around with a machete and than et voila you are now a ‘hunter’. Now one has to ask for what reason did John train the boys how to handle weapons or train combat fighting? Or why did the boys had to learn Latin, study occultism, sigil magic or ancient mythology? I mean one now only has to google and know how a knife looks like.

    This once awesome, extraordinaire universe, which was never seen on TV is now being assimilated into the borg mind. Thank you J. Carver you ruined an unique little TV show.

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