The Walking Dead Review – “Always Accountable” S6E6

It’s been three weeks and still no Glenn sighting. The Walking Dead has taken a very slow approach to advancing the series; the first six episodes take place in what appears to be one day (with the exception of the Morgan/Eastman flashback in “Here’s Not Here“). This week’s “Always Accountable” really only focuses on three characters – Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham. Although there are some pretty cathartic revelations here, it was painfully slow at times and the mystery at the end still had us like, “that’s nice. What about Glenn, though?”

Walker - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC


Daft Punk walker: When Daryl finally collapses in the burnt forest, he lays down side by side with a walker wearing a motorcycle helmet. Could this be some sort of foreshadowing for Daryl, who seems to be living life with the sole purpose of helping other people and not himself? Is this the fate that Daryl has in store for himself – brazenly rushing into the flames without thinking of the dangers that could befall him? Deep.

Abe-Sasha – power couple: Love’s been in the air for a while now, so it was just a matter of time before these two faced their demons together and came out closer because of it. What I like about it is that they both helped each other through the darkness, creating a very organic relationship instead of the typical “Oh hey, I like your junk. You like mine? Cool, lets bone.” Aside from some very awkward third wheel voyeurism, Rosita and Abraham have never been that close on the show.

The Walking Dead - Always Accountable

Daryl is a better person than you: At the behest of me screaming at the television, Daryl made several really tactically stupid decisions that leave him open to all sorts of betrayal. I never thought I’d see the time when Daryl is blatantly a better person than everybody else on the show (Glenn excepted). Rick would have blasted a hole in kidnapping groups faces and took the insulin for no other reason than hubris. Daryl is a solid reminder that you can kick ass and still be a decent person in a world like this. Now if only he’d apply that same mindset to his personal hygiene.

The Walking Dead - Always Accountable


Use your words, Daryl!: Daryl knew that the couple he encountered weren’t killers, so why didn’t he take a legitimate shot at explaining that he wasn’t with the group they thought he was? It seemed like a fairly easy communicative situation to at least attempt more than a “I’m not who you think I am,” but what do I know?The Walking Dead - Always Accountable

Diabetes girl: While I get the point of her inclusion, to show that the couple Daryl found are decent people in a rough situation, it also shows how stupid these people are. Leading a girl from (presumably) safe space to visit the kids she used to babysit was a bonehead move that ended up getting her killed. Ultimately, she and the rest of her group were a distraction. How were they getting that much insulin this far into the game anyway? She meant nothing to the story other than showing us that Daryl is the good guy. Which we already knew.

Abraham’s sexy talk needs some work: “A man can tell” is a little like this. Hopefully Sasha finds it sexy.

Daryl’s awkward approach at using Rick’s questions: It was really hard to watch. But it does seem like it was the direction that was supposed to have; so at least that is good.

Patty: They made a pretty big deal out of Patty for it to be a truck. A fuel truck sure, but does it actually have fuel? It was a big let down. Especially since it was “hiding” in the woods. I mean, how do you hide a giant fuel truck in the woods?


We earned what we took: Patty is going to mean something; it just has to. Daryl’s bike and crossbow are the very materials that shape his meaning to the audience, so we gotta get those back, too. I’m going to venture that there is a trade to go down somewhere.

Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

The other group: Who were the people that idiot threesome were running from? I think it is bound to come up again soon.

Help: The internet is exploding with ideas about who said “Help.” Norman Reedus has said it wasn’t Glenn. Who could it be? We don’t want to speculate anymore. Just give us episode seven, already.

Easter Eggs & Other Tidbits:

Swamp Thing: Was it me, or did that walker that Daryl killed in the woods (ya know, the one he almost got bit by because he couldn’t find his way out of a duffel bag?) look a lot like Swamp Thing? Alec Holland would be plenty pleased by the newly-reclaimed Earth.

Norman’s been working out: The serial ovary exploder is back! Actor Norman Reedus has definitely been hitting the gym lately, as displayed when Daryl is super ripped after he takes off his sleeves.

Hush Comics gives “Always Accountable” an for being a bunch of filler. Typically when we take an episode down to three characters, there is some heavy development for at least one of them. The biggest thing was that Daryl got jacked. In the end though, everything that happened has already been established: Daryl is a kind soul and Abraham and Sasha want to smash. Nothing happened.

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