The Walking Dead Review – “Heads Up” S6E7

Finally! The Walking Dead revealed the fate of our beloved Glenn. And while it is relieving, it wasn’t satisfying. I really hope they didn’t put us through all this anguish, then reveal he is alive just to kill him again. Meanwhile, Rick modeled how to shoot a gun and look like a stud, Denise tried to remember the word “swelling”, and Morgan still has a big secret. “Head’s Up” wasn’t on par with the first four episodes of the season, but was much better than last week’s filler.


Glenn being Glenn: Not even ten minutes into the episode where we thought he was dead, and Glenn is already saving people. Anybody with sense would have left Enid to her own stupid fate, but nooooo. Glenn had to stay behind and convince her to come back, and even politely declined the offer to leave when Enid pointed a gun at his head.

walking dead heads up 1

Rick actually had a solid plan: Getting them to carve out a path to allow somebody to run to a car and lure them away was a genius idea. Too bad somebody had to go and ruin it!

Morgan droppin’ knowledge: Whether or not you agree with Morgan’s philosophy, you can’t argue with his logic behind not killing those Wolves. Had he not followed Akido when he met Daryl and Aaron, he could have just left them to die. The Wolves would have likely retrieved Aaron’s bag and found Alexandria either way, so maybe the bigger point to grasp is that none of it really matters.

The foreshadowing: Less than half-way into the episode, there’s a really nonchalant shot of the clocktower in the foreground and one-hundred plus walkers in the background pushing against the wall. The shot is meant to distract you from the tower, but if you look closely, that thing is just about ready to crack through the middle. Hindsight is a beautiful thing, but maybe somebody should have checked that thing out.

Tara is becoming a strong character, maybe: While she’s relatively useless at doing anything other than telling people they’re doing things the wrong way, this episode marked the first time anybody actively told Rick to fuck the fuck off. And now we have this glorious .gif to show for it.

walking dead heads up 6

The cliffhanger: Oh sheeeeiiiiiittttttt. I just hope Maggie makes it okay. As for the Alexandrians, let’s just see how far they make it in Walker Town.

The Leaning Tower of Fuck

The Leaning Tower of Fuck


Glenn’s miraculous recoveryThe Walking Dead is no stranger to bad writing and plot holes, but this one has to take the cake. Let’s not even talk about how close to impossible it was that Glenn would be able to survive a dozen walkers surrounding him, or fit underneath that dumpster. I wanna know how the hell he fell backwards off the dumpster and ended up with his head closest to the bin. All the hoopla leading up to the episode pretty much confirmed he was alive before we had time to grieve, so this just felt like a poor excuse to rile up some viewers.

walking dead heads up 3

Rick, the middle school bully: Look, I get that Father Gabriel messed up. Rick has not let him forget that. For a guy just trying to do right by God, Rick’s dick move just seemed a bit over the top. I laughed at first, but then I realized that I was what’s wrong with the bullying. Guess what, Rick? Gabriel went to Kinkos. He’s got a whole mess of extra copies.

walking dead salty meme

Gun Safety with Rick: This was no Carol’s Book Club. When Rick takes Ron out back and teaches him the basics of holding and shooting a gun, it comes across as unintentionally hilarious, most similar to a big brother who’s in a gang teaching his little brother how cool it is. It should appropriately be called Rick’s “how to look like a badass while you hold a piece” training. But Rick, you missed the most important part; turn it sideways for the kill shot!

Nobody even likes you, Rosita: Maybe she’s been taking tips from Abraham, or maybe AMC is trying to make her super unlikeable so that the audience won’t care she’s being cheated on. Either way, she’s not qualified to lead a training class on killing walkers in the first place, and there’s no reason to get all up in Eugene’s ass about not wanting to do this.

Carol is a super bad influence: Poor Sam. This kid is trying so hard to be normal. You can tell there’s some underlying psychological deficiency going on here, and unfortunately the little tyke trusts Carol. She may bake him cookies, but I’m pretty sure she just told him that killing people will make all your problems go away. There’s no way that kid doesn’t turn into a psychopath.

walking dead heads up 2


Time to trim some fat: No one cool or important has died. Eastman died. Tabitha died. But those don’t count because it happened too long ago to be relevant.

walking dead heads up 4

Enid is Sophia 2.0: Glenn tries his best hand at parenting this episode, and he even credits Maggie for some parenting, too. In the comic books, Sophia is orphaned when Carol dies. Maggie and Glenn become her surrogate parents. At this point, Sophia is about the same age as Enid. It seems as though Enid is the replacement Sophia for TV Maggie and Glenn. Except Enid can point a gun and cuss.

Ron, killing machine: Ron has it out for Carl. Carl is bad ass, wooed Enid, and has a cool hat. Ron is super jelly. He stole some bullets from the armory (Does he even know what kind of bullets go in his gun? He didn’t even know what a chamber was.). Is he going to shoot out Carl’s eye like in the books? It might be too much time in the make-up studio for Chandler Riggs, but it would be satisfying for viewers.

Walking Dead Easter Eggs & Other Tidbits:

Turns out the guy who jacked Daryl is important: Early last week, AMC announced the character’s name – Dwight. Dwight is a very important character from the comic books – a member of Negan’s Saviors group who serves as his right-hand man. In the books, he tries stealing back his wife from Negan, and pays the price. Next time we see Dwight, he may have a little Harvey Dent action goin on.

walking dead dwight

Starting to look like Lori: Maggie comments that Judith is looking more like Lori every day. But not Rick, huh? I wonder who else Judith resembles? I think we all know it’s Shane’s.

Bicycle girl callback: While Enid and Glenn head back to Alexandria, Enid finishes off a walker that has been demobilized and is in the same pose as the famous Bicycle Girl walker in the pilot. Subtle, yet satisfying.

Tough guy Ron: Ron’s quest to get revenge on Carl was very quickly summed up in Issue #80, where he appears over Carl’s sleeping body. Carl wakes up and shrugs it off. “My dad’s killed lots of people… and so have I,” which prompts Ron to cry like a little bitch and leave. They’ve written Jesse and a much stronger character than she was in the books, so maybe that will be reflected in Ron. Probably not.

walking dead ron 80

Spencer’s great climb: One of the more spectacularly stupid events in the episode, Spencer tries to climb Batman-style to another building and distract the walkers. In almost the exact same fashion, Spencer almost dies following Glenn and Heath’s lead. That guy just sucks at life, but at least he’s trying. This is also the issue in the books where Morgan gets terminally bitten. That’s no good.

walking dead spencer 81

The walls falling: Although it wasn’t anything as dramatic as the watchtower falling down (the tower actually becomes a very integral part of taking down The Saviors later on), there is a breach in the wall that ultimately dooms several characters, including Morgan, Jessie, Ron, and Kirkman (Deana).


Hush Comics gives “Heads Up” a C+ for the poor build-up and execution of Glenn’s return, but still managing to make say “ohhhh, crap at the end. The Walking Dead is finaly returning to its roots and are foreshadowing LOTS of comic book-related events to come. Will Rick sacrifice Jessie to save Carl? Does Morgan’s tenure end soon? Will Deana shoot Carl in the face? Will Maggie get Lori’ed? How does the group actually defeat the Wolves? They’re all engaging questions.

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