The Walking Dead Review – “East” S6E15

The Walking Dead‘s “East” was an episode that made me say “meh” when it ended. Sure I was shocked by the ending, but the majority of the episode was set-up for next week’s finale and, more than likely, next season, too. I have a feeling that the beauty of this episode will be when you watch all of next season, decide to live in simpler times, and re-watch this season. At that moment “East” will make you say “Oh! That is what they meant!” I’ll let you know what I think it all meant… now!


Maggie and Glenn: My god, could they be anymore perfect? Their scene in the shower represented the couple just about as best as possible. They are a little sexy, but more importantly, they are tender. Glenn and Maggie really care about each other and just want the other one healthy and happy. I’m still holding on to all their scenes being a red herring for who dies next week.

Perspective: Depending on whose side you are on, our group certainly looks like the bad guys. Rick tells Michonne, “The world is ours, and we know how to take it.” Yikes. That doesn’t sound too good unless you have spent six years with the man. Even then, it isn’t great. Nevertheless, allowing the audience to be cognizant of this whole perspective issue is really enlightening.

The Walking Dead - "East"

This guy has some perspective.

Carol, the better Sarah Connor: So for real, Carol is better than Sarah Connor, and I freakin’ idolize Sarah Connor. But Carol has the honor of having her action figure on my bedside stand. Carol really is trying to change, but that is pretty hard to do when a truck full of rapey looking dudes shoot out her tires. The juxtaposition of her left hand holding her rosary and her right hand holding her gun was marvelous. I just hope that she was A) able to grab her backpack before she ran off and B) did not get cut by Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s evil twin.

JGL Evin Twin. Ben Affleck Eviler Twin. And some other dude. Plus Carol!

JGL Evin Twin. Ben Affleck Eviler Twin. And some other dude. Plus Carol!

Morgan and Rick Have a Chat: Morgan and Rick finally seemed to have patched things up. Do they agree? Nope. But they see the other ones views, and they accept those views. They both care about Carol in much different ways. It is their interaction that, I believe, gives us the title of the episode, “East.” Rick’s views are Western; Morgan’s views are Eastern. Carol is also heading east, which, if we are all playing our hope cards, will make for some very interesting philosophical exploration next season. We also finally have closure on that protein bar.

We are invisible, right? We are barely crouching, which means no one can see us!

We are invisible, right? We are barely crouching, which means no one can see us!

Abraham and Rick Have a Chat: Back at Alexandria, Rick and Abraham talk about their fear of going outside the walls. It was something the whole group discussed when they first reached the compound, vowing to not become weak. Well, it looks like they are at least afraid. It was a welcome conversation after all the macho grunting about taking the world and not feeling the pull of the dark side.


The Funky Timeline: While it was cool to see Carol sew a freakin’ gun into her coat, I really was not that interested in seeing all the mundane things that happened before she left. I was more interested in seeing where she was going and what the group was planning to do about it. So the first 20 minutes of the episode, I just kept thinking “When are we going to get to when they figure out that Carol is gone?!” My heart could barely take it.

The Apple: Was the apple supposed to represent something? Hopefully it wasn’t some sort of Adam and Eve reference. Maybe it’s the new cigarette? “In the apocalypse, we eat apples after we screw!” Anyhow, it made Rickchonne seem forced, which made me sad.

Leaving Alexandra Basically Screwed: Add this to the list of great ideas: Daryl, Glenn, Rosita, Michonne, Rick and Morgan ALL LEAVE ALEXANDRIA. Scratch that. It is a terrible fucking idea. They are pretty damn lucky that nothing happened when they were all gone. Also, PS, I know that Sonequa Martin-Green said on The Talking Dead that she thinks it is a testament to the strength of the rest of the Alexandrians. That is nice, but it really was just an oversight by the writers. A huge oversight.

"This meeting is now called to discuss how dumb we are for leaving our group unguarded and risking our lives in the process!"

“This meeting is now called to discuss how dumb we are for leaving our group unguarded and risking our lives in the process!”

Yelling, Crunching, and Other Loud Noises: Not only does our group leave Alexandria, they talk super loudly in the woods. The same woods they are tracking murderers in. They also crunch the leaves a lot as they walk. Again, they know there is a group of murderers in these woods. Why not bring a drumline? Or how about a conclave of motorcycles? What about fireworks? It didn’t matter, because they all got caught anyway. Suckers.

Yeah, we did get caught.

Yeah, we did get caught.

This really big flub: Ok so I took this video of the scene when the passenger from the Savior massacre is getting out of the car and before Morgan and Rick drive up to the scene. In the distance among the trees, there is a human. Perhaps walker, perhaps Carol, perhaps stranger. Any way you look at it, Morgan and Rick would have driven past it, but when we see them driving, it is no longer there! What the heck?! This will bother me until the end of time.

Easter Eggs and Other Tidbits:

Survival Pack: There may be some mediocre survival packs out there for you to purchase; however, I think the best bet is to watch the scene where Carol packs up in half speed and take note. She is the ultimate survivor, so why not have a pack like hers? Although her apocalypse-mobile wasn’t the best. Sure the spikes were cool, but that thing was a clunker. Add “buy a hybrid” to your list of apocalypse needs. Hybrids are quiet. Quiet is good.

Carl’s New Gun: Carl is in the armory and takes special interest in one gun in particular. It happens to have Lucille, Negan’s weapon of choice, etched into the handle. Or maybe it was just a penis with an STD. It was hard to tell.


WARNING: Many of my predictions are possible spoilers. Read with caution.

Maggie’s Pregnancy Will Cause a Move: I think that Maggie is in serious trouble. And when the rest of the group catches wind of the news, it may seem like the best option to move her to The Hilltop where the OB-GYN lives. It makes sense. Keen readers of the comics know that Glenn and Maggie do decide to move to The Hilltop, and it is during the journey there that Glenn meets his fate.

Our Group Will Never Be the Same: I still don’t think either Maggie or Glenn will die, but I do think that they will both be part of the group that Negan chooses at random. Maybe it is wishful thinking. I also believe that the TV writers love to shock their audience, so I think two Survivors will die. It sucks. Also, the infamous Lucille scene will be the last scene.

Carol May Not Come Back: I would be really pissed, but it is possible we could never see Carol or Morgan again. Or I could be hopeful and say that they get their own story arc. Or I could be delusional and say they are getting their own spin-off. Carol and Morgan Take the Apocalypse? It would be a comedy and really fucking deep.

The Kingdom is Coming: Maybe not complete with tigers, but the dude in the barn who was looking for his horse was wearing football armor (or something like it). I think this was direct foreshadowing to next season, when we will more than likely meet Ezekiel and crew.

Morgan’s Words Will Haunt Rick: First, I don’t think Morgan will come back, for whatever reason. I also think that Morgan telling Rick that people come back, specifically referring to Carol, will haunt Rick, again, for whatever reason. When “All Out War” (next season) is over, I think it will be those words that cause Rick to put Negan in the cell that Morgan made.


The song that plays as we get a glimpse into the banalities of our group, Johnny Cash’s “It’s All Over” plays. If that isn’t an omen…

Hush Comics gives “East” a B+ for a lot of set-up, but not much else. All it did was make me dread next week more than I ever have. Maybe that’s the point.

All images belong to AMC and are credited to Gene Page. The comic book images belong to Image Comics and are credited to Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman.

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