Yesterday in the Nerd Verse… Mar 3, 2015

Prepare yourself! For Season 6 of Community. The trailer for the upcoming season (and last season before the ambiguously-promised movie?) has been released – and it’s Age of Ultron themed. The cast is even more thinned down, but the nature of the show is still the same. E Plurbus Anus, you guys. Hush will definitely be covering this show, so if you’re interested, tune in. Source: Yahoo

Warner Bros. has found a way to keep your thumbs busy this year with the announcement of several exciting names hitting app stores. Just to name a few: Mortal Kombat XGame of Thrones and Batman: Arkham Underworld. Source: Warner Bros

Arrow will have a new villain from the comic books, expecting to make his debut at the end of Season 3. He “is being referred to internally as ‘Damian Dark.'” As cool as it would be to see a 10 year old Damian Wayne battling Oliver, it’s just too hard to believe that Bruce Wayne wouldn’t be involved at all. It’s more likely that baby-faced genius Damien Darhk will be the Big Bad next season, introducing us to H.I.V.E. and possibly the Teen Titans or Vandal Savage. Source: TV Line

Speaking of Arrow, it might be mask time for Thea! Willa Holland is being molded for some type of face… thing on her Instagram. Source: Instagram

Ever wonder what it would be like if Wes Anderson directed an X-Men movie? Yeah, me neither! But now that I know that possible universe is out there, I’m interested enough to watch this trailer…

Just because nobody has confirmed anything about Daryl Dixon’s sexuality doesn’t mean it hasn’t been discussed behind closed doors. Norman Reedus sat down with Conan O’Brien to discuss the rumor, and that he’d be totally down for it. Bigots will flee by the masses! Source: Team Coco

Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy the freaking Vampire Slayer) will be joining her husband on Star Wars Rebels in Season 2. There aren’t any details about who she will be playing, but I can think of a whole bunch of people who are suddenly very interested in the series. Source: Hollywood Reporter

The next Dragon Ball Z movie has a trailer finally. Revival of F centers around the resurrection of Frieza. It will be interesting to see how strong he has become, seeing how Goku and the gang have become exponentially more powerful. The movie will be released April 18th. Source: Anime News Network

Robert Kirkman sure does know how to brand himself. As creator of The Walking Dead and head of Skybound Entertainment, he’s already leagues above most others (multiple video games, 138 issues and counting, two TV series, and a seemingly-infinite amount of collectibles), but his new Image Comics book Outcast is getting its own TV series after not even ten issues, and now, his upcoming film Air, starring Norman Reedus, is getting a video game adaptation. Source: Polygon



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