Denver Comic Con 2016 – Flash 60th Anniversary

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Panel Name: Flash: 60th Anniversary

Topic: Panelist Q&A session about New 52 Flash creators.

Featured Guests: Norm Rapmund

DCC 2016 - Flash 60th 2

To celebrate 60 years of the (Barry Allen) The Flash, artist Norm Rapmund hosted a panel dedicated to the character. Neither recent Flash writer Van Jensen nor recent The Flash penciller Brett Booth were able to attend the panel as planned. Rapmund grew up with the Barry Allen version of the Flash in comic books, which might have proven an interesting counterpoint to Booth’s experience growing up with the Wally West Flash.

Rapmund has spent about 25 years in the comic industry, and while he originally wanted to be a penciller, he was in the right place at the right time for being an inker, as editors were desperately looking for inkers at the time. He is very much looking forward to working with Booth on the Titans series for Rebirth, which features Wally West along with Dick Grayson (Nightwing), Donna Troy, Roy Harper (Arsenal), Garth, and Lilith Clay (Omen). Since it will be a standard monthly series, there will be a consistent creative team from issue to issue.

On the subject of inking, the moderator shared that at least one inker did not want to work on The Flash because he or she felt like it would be too much work to incorporate the blur effects, especially on all the background characters in panels as Flash races by. Rapmund shared that in his experience working with Booth, that was not an issue, even though Booth draws in extreme detail. As a point of comparison, Rapmund mentioned that inking Booth’s pages takes about six hours (vs. four hours for pages from some other artists). 

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When Rapmund first began inking at DC Comics, one of his first series he worked on was Booster Gold with Dan Jurgens, which taught him much about the DC Universe. As a matter of fact, that was where he first learned about the Cosmic Treadmill and how it, with the Speed Force, enabled Barry Allen to quickly get to other dimensions and universes.

The topic of The Flash TV show(s) came up, and there were many fans of it in the audience. Rapmund shared that he really likes the show (though he’s not as much a fan of Arrow).

When discussing some of his favorites, Rapmund said that Zoom was a fun character to work on in the New 52 Flash series, as he was an insane villain who always looked “angry happy.” Rapmund would love to see Ian Churchill do an issue of The Flash, as he’s not only his favorite penciller, but also his favorite penciller to work with in comics (no offense to other artists).

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