Denver Comic Con 2016 – Hayley Atwell

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Panel Name: Spotlight on Hayley Atwell

Topic: One-on-one with Agent Carter star, Hayley Atwell to discuss her time on Agent Carter, as well as her upcoming projects.

Featured Guests: Hayley Atwell (Agent CarterConviction

From the moment Hayley Atwell stepped onto the stage, it was clear that the enthusiasm and charisma that she demonstrates onscreen is in equal if not greater abundance in person. Greeted by an audience who genuinely cares about her, Atwell spent equal time conversing/reminiscing on stage, and in generously answering questions from her fans.

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Known far and wide for her role as Agent Peggy Carter in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Atwell has performed many times in theater as well as in film. The 34-year old actress spoke of her upcoming ABC TV show Conviction, but to her credit, she is not giving up on the possibility of a season three for Agent Carter, despite the show’s cancellation by ABC.

Speaking fondly of her working relationship with James D’Arcy, who plays Jarvis to Atwell’s Agent Carter, it was surprising to learn that the two have worked together several times in the past ten or eleven years, which included stage stints in London. However, this possibly explains in part how their chemistry together onscreen is so amazing, as they have also maintained a friendship outside of work over the years.

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With so many young girls, women, and teens looking up to Peggy, Atwell proudly spoke to what she sees as one of Agent Carter’s key strengths, which is believing in equality between the sexes. Since the show was set in the 1940s and 1950s, a period of time where sexism was very clear, it became great fodder for Peggy’s character. However, Atwell keenly mentioned that even today, more subtle kinds of sexism still exist, and sometimes we can become blind to those. Noting that she feels very privileged to have worked with evolved men who appreciate women, she emphasized that equality is not meant to be a separation of women from their brothers, but was instead a much more inclusive message.

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Atwell described the last days of shooting season two of Agent Carter, and they sounded somewhat surreal. She vividly remembers being off-set in her trailer watching one of her long-time favorites, the Rocky Horror Picture Show (“Frank-N-Furter is amazing!”), and being surrounded by pictures of D’Arcy, who had posted photos of himself everywhere in her trailer (including under the toilet seat). The future was uncertain even at that time for the show, and the crew had become a family. Most everyone was trying to keep from getting too emotional off-camera so that they could save that energy for the scenes themselves. However, even to this day, the group regularly group chats through text message, so the family still keeps in touch.

Thus far an online fan petition to bring back Agent Carter for a season three on Netflix has over 122,000 signatures; if you would like to add your name, you can do so here: 

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